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  1. I know it's not valid to play NHL 94 but this config works for a 3 button controller, any luck with 6 button? Retroarch doesn't see X,YZ
  2. This is a bit old hat but the SCD version has better framerate which does effect gameplay overall in my opinion. Your getting something like 8-15fps on the cart versions and 30fps on the SCD, it does make for smoother gameplay. The SNES version while it looks the best is actually even worse.
  3. I realise my reply is late but turn on Perfect Syncro in the CPU menu.
  4. Is there a constant update of NHL 94 going on other than this one? Good release btw!
  5. I only play the CD verison and do have old hacked versions of it but nothing up to date.
  6. This may work, http://www.emuhq.com/emulators/console/gen...009/09/14/11087
  7. I have that book as well, still on my bookshelf!
  8. Paying to have someone set up your PS3??? Wow, people out there are really stupid, don't buy a PS3, keep living in a cave and beat your head on rocks.
  9. Ya, easy solution, take your laptop, stick in your XP CD and install XP. Or use linux. Vista blows, sorry.
  10. It runs on my DS better than the GBA. A cyclo DS cart does the job ok. http://ds.qj.net/category/Sega-Genesis-Megadrive/cid/3241
  11. I played NHL 09 on the PS3 and they say they added NHL 94 controls and ya, its not NHL 94 controls by a long shot. Only thing 09 has got going for it is a proper camera angle, FINALLY and useable manual goalie. But yes, I have not spent any $ on a hockey game and will not until they release something as good as 94. Graphics and crap like that be dammed.
  12. I have played the Sega CD version online via a modded orig xbox, works good. As I prefer the CD version due to smoother gameplay and like playing online it's a must.
  13. Been awhile since I checked this last, don't play the ROM version of the game much.
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