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  1. Zalex

    GDL XVI Lines

    Calgary Flames First Line LW - Brian Bellows C - Mark Recchi RW - Glen Anderson LD - James Patrick RD - Gary Suter G - Vanbirksh X - Vlad Ruzicka Second Line: LW - Dahlen C - Ruzicka RW - R Sutter LD - T. Kurvers RD - T. Kurvers G - Jablonski X - Recchi
  2. Zalex

    2016 Spring Classic Playoffs

    Plabax, Just saw your posts saying I only have success in classic and not in draft leagues. Can't accept the defeat heh ? You should know, because you know everything, that this is the first time ever I reached the cup finals in GENS A. However, I have reached Blitz A cup final once and 2 GDL cup finals before. It's not like classic was the first time I have some playoff success. Grow up. But hey, 4 cup finals with 0 cup. Yes f**k myself!!
  3. You heard it here first. Thanks to 94 & Mikey
  4. Zalex

    GENS A - Games (CGY)

    I will be on tomorrow night
  5. Zalex

    24G Checkpoint Warnings

    I will be online saturday and sunday during the day.
  6. Zalex

    Look who's coming back to the neighborhood

    hahaha. Already 2 Tacoman reference. People never FORGET. Welcome back. Prepare your trap.
  7. Zalex

    Hello again

    who are you? a slacker ?
  8. Aside from 94... 1. The Legend of Zelda : Wind Waker 2. Super Smash Bros. Melee 3. Super Mario Galaxy 2 4. Diablo 2 5. World of Warcraft (the early years)
  9. Zalex

    The Legend of Dmac

    Good stuff Jesus. 2on2 is calling you for another highlight episode.
  10. Zalex

    Random Drafts and Fairness

    Play some 2on2. Every skater is the same. It will show you how the ape behind the screen is more important than the rats on the ice.
  11. Zalex

    Spring'16 GENS Team Selection Draft

    I'll take Chicago. GA
  12. To all Mofapes It's this time of the year to make your predictions! Flyers @ Capitals - WSH in 6 Red Wings @ Lightning - DET in 6 Rangers @ Penguins - PIT in 7 Islanders @ Panthers - FLO in 7 Wild @ Stars - DAL in 5 Predators @ Ducks - NSH in 7 Sharks @ Kings -LA in 6 Blackhawks @ Blues - CHI in 7