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  1. count me in, I can't even remember who's on my team its been so long
  2. I thought that Philly won the Carter trade, I feel like hes a pretty soft guy thats overpaid The Richards trade, Why? I don't think they needed to trade both of them, Richards was their freakin captain. I still think Philly is good, but they were so close to winning the cup right now, they had a young good core, why break it up? lets be honest here, Philly is good but unless Philly does something else crazy, they won't contend for the cup for another 2 or 3 years in my opinion
  3. Toronto(nationals1) @ Pilly (orangeblack) PHI: Richards (Versteeg, Giroux) TOR: Grabovski (Kulimem, Lashoff) TOR: Boyce (Kadri,Lashoff) TOR: Bozak (Kessel) PHI: Giroux (Pronger) 3-2 for TOR gg
  4. Team: Winnipeg Jets First Line Goalie: Bob Essensa #35 Left Defenceman: Kjell Samulesson #28 Right Defenceman: Al Iafrate #34 Left Wing: Kevin Stevins #25 Centre: Dave Andreychuck #14 Right Wing: John Leclair #17 Extra Attacker: Bob Sweeney # 20 Second Line Goalie: Jeff Reese #1 (Change to #1 from #35 because Bob Essensa also wears #35) Left Defenceman: Charlie Huddy #22 Right Defenceman: Chris Joseph #2 Left Wing: Rick Tocchet #16 (Change to #16 from #22 because Charlie Huddy also wears #22) Centre: Bob Sweeney #20 Right Wing: Patrick Poulin #24 Extra Attacker: Dave Andreychuck #14
  5. aim:chris1knights(at)hotmail.com team: Toronto Maple Leafs League: A cheers
  6. my 2.20 pick and my 4.5 pick are on the block I'd like a pretty good player back in return though, at least nine weight
  7. trade between Winnipeg (chris1knights) and St. Louis (iceguy) To Winnipeg: 2nd round pick (2.5) 3rd/4th round pick (protect or 4.20) To St. Louis: 1st round pick (protect) 6th round pick (6.20) heres the condition on the 3rd/4th round pick: for the pick to be a 3rd round there must be 2 of the following for players left for chris1knights to protect (Bob Essensa, Kevin Stevens, Kevin Hatcher, Dave Andrychuck) for the pick to be a 4th round there will only be 1 of the 4 players listed above for chris1knights to pick I PMd smozoma about the condition, it sould be alright, I'm just looking for double confrimation on his part
  8. My 1st round protect is up for grabs I would like a 2nd, and a 3rd or 4th rounder
  9. Happy birthday hokkee, two years away from the big 40. Why the hating on icestorm though? I always thought he was on of the most respected and well liked players in the community. As for wags, I feel he's only a douchebag if your a douchebag to him first.
  10. almost the exact same incedent as we have here, only the ilse guy didn't get hurt bad and the Habs were on the other end so I guess this play is alright when the Habs do it but when it happens to them they go apeshit over an unlucky break for one of there fan favourites this is just stupid, Chara isn't a dirty player, he didn't wanna hurt pacxorety (that bad atleast) so Habs fans just shut your mouths till playoff time when Scary Price shows the world that he can't perform in the pressure of the Stanely Cup finals.
  11. I agree completly with icestorm. Chara sholdnt have even been kicked out it shoulda been 2 min for interference. I think pacs was just in the wrong place at the wrong time
  12. vote MVP Baseball 2005! jk vote 94, but MVP is a sick game
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