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  1. Had to do some quick thinking on that one. The only team I missed was the 2nd NBA (5).
  2. Totally agree. But since I'm from Boston and felt like being a homer...I voted for them anyways.
  3. 88 Missed 13 5 - from 70s 7 - from 80s 1 - from 90s Of those 13, there's 9 I've never heard of and 4 I would have guessed, eventually.
  4. I was more interested in everyone's rankings....who will have a breakout year...etc... Vokoun? Bryzgalov? #1 pick = Ovechkin, Stamkos, Crosby? Just trying to get an edge on my competition this year
  5. Alright, too early. I've been the runner up in my keeper league 4 years in a row and I want the championship this year! Need some rankings from the experts...
  6. Too early to discuss?
  7. Totally! Boston fans can be complete dicks at times. I wonder what the little kid in your avatar is doing now
  8. Montreal! But I guess that's what makes rivalries great, right?
  9. To expand on this, Tecmo Bowl had 12 teams, I believe, and was released in 1989. Teams would play either 7 on 7...or 9 on 9 and you only had 4 plays to choose from. Tecmo Super Bowl had all 28 teams and was released in 1991, 11 on 11 formations and 8 offensive plays....and is tied with NHL94 for the greatest video game of all time. Dominant Teams: San Fran - The Montana to Rice connection was unstoppable. It wasn't uncommon for Rice to make catches in triple coverage. Houston - Strong passing attack led by Warren Moon & speedy recs. Buffalo - Great all around team. NY Giants - another great all around team. Philly - QB Eagles can frustrate any defense. LA Raiders - Bo Knows Tecmo.
  10. Not sure whether Howe should make the HOF, I'm leaning towards yes. But either way...a +85 is insane!
  11. I gotta say, clean hit or dirty hit, I would never call 911 on a professional athlete for something he did to another professional athlete.
  12. Close...Islanders just got his rights. At least VAN signed Lapierre
  13. I see your point. But 6 divisions doesn't guarantee the "best" 16 teams get in either. Both Dallas and Calgary out of the West didn't make it this year and they both had more points than the Rangers, who did. The only way to truly eliminate this from happening is to get rid of divisions and conferences altogether, which I think would be horrible.
  14. Yeah, pretty much. Sometimes things don't fall your way. I'll cross sports here. A few years ago, the Patriots became the 2nd team ever to finish 11-5 and not make the playoffs. I was pissed, but you know what...too f**king bad for me. It's better than having 1 big league with no divisions.
  15. That's a horrible excuse for not making the playoffs. If you want to avoid any uncertainty, then finish higher. I hate when teams that finish 9th b***h that they didn't make the playoffs. Well, it's because you finished 9th lol
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