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Hey Everyone, attached is the official SNES Draft League Rom! I finally worked out all the bugs (i think). So let me know if you find any errors.

Here is the list of teams and AIM's for the league:

Boston Bruins - TheVal99

Chicago Blackhawks - prodigyof94

Dallas Stars - NhlTrippin

Edmonton Oilers - masterof94

Florida Panthers - Houlanov

Los Angeles Kings - fenty62

Montreal Canadiens - gihtarman

Ottawa Senators - BobKudelski26

Quebec Nordiques - PondHcky1

San Jose Sharks - metzgerism

Toronto Maple Leafs - drinnagh

Vancouver Canucks - xgrad06

The league is broken up into two conferences. Each conference is broken up into two divisions with three teams in each division. The full season will be 40 games in length. 8 games vs each division rival. 4 games vs the remaining conference rivals. And 2 games vs the teams from the opposite conference. Due to the mid-season trading period, we have decided to make the first half of the season 22 games.

So for the first 22 games, play everyone in the league twice. Don't worry about which division or conference you're in yet.

The second half of the season will consist of 18 games against only conference and divsion rivals.

The games can begin immediately! Good Luck and have fun!


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