MTL vs CHI 1st round series

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Montreal won this 1st round series last year in 6. This year though, Chicago returns the favor :)

GM 1 CHI 5 @ 9 MTL

Habs had me the whole game, most of the goals I did get were just

garbage goals at the end. Habs made Belfour seem very human, with or without GC.

GM 2 CHI 4 @ 3 MTL OT

overtime lasted only 10 seconds

GM 3 MTL 1 @ 2 CHI

GM 4 MTL 2 @ 4 CHI

GM 5 CHI 5 @ 6 MTL OT

Habs down 4-2 at the start of the third and ends up tying at 5-5

Then overtime lasts only 34 seconds

GM 6 MTL 1 @ 5 CHI


Chicago wins in 6

I probably had an advantage in powerplay every game, except one game with no penalties. Almost half of Habs penalties seemed to be injuries on my players, but I was lucky that they were only out for just the period everytime, from what I can remember. And that didn't help him when that happened, especially when it happens near the end of a period.

My team is somewhat balanced, so unless a glitch injury, that never happened before in nhl94 history, takes Eagle out of the game or period... I'm fine with any of my players going out with an injury for 1-4 minutes, to have that 2 minute powerplay. This seems like an advantage not normally thought about, of having a Roy or a Belfour as your 1st round pick. If my 1st round pick was a beast at center like Dino or Modano, instead of Kamensky (who's solid and underrated, but Richer as a backup for him, isn't the worst downgrade in the world) since my center took most of the blows, as usually it seems to.... I would've probably lost this series, also considering the fact I wouldn't have a Belfour or Roy at goal.

After the first game, Belfour was denying just about everything. In the games I won, I think his save percentage was probably about 88% in those four games overall. He willed his way for his team to win this series, just like great goalies have done very often in the real NHL.

A very good series indeed, lets see if fate leads us to yet another 1st round battle next season. If so, it definitely would be a 7 gamer that time around. I'd bet money on it.

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