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    Hey guys, here is the 2017 Trade Deadline ROM! I hope you like it. Slapshot67 - Thanks for everything! **EDIT - I added a playoff version of the ROM. Has a few changes to rosters (tried to get all players playing in the playoffs right now), but it also has the real tourney tree instead of the projected tree, as an option. I made penalties 1 minute long (except for double-minors). Enjoy! Updates for 2017 ROMs - All are WBF (Blitz style) ROMs -Player Cards for every starter on every team -Added Anniversary logos for Toronto, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Los Angeles -Bench Graphics (backup goalie, coach) & Bench Carpet -Goal Light -Net Fix -Ratings changes for teams & players (excel file w/ ratings in zip folder) -Added a few playoff matchups based on this year's current standings -The Excel file will give you all of the player ratings, with an extra rating that shows how likely a check will be successful with a player. It uses weight + checking rating to give a "checking ability". Somebody figured out that a check is likely to be successful if they check a player with a weight a full digit lower than the checking ability. For example: PK Subban has a 8.9 checking ability (slightly abv average for a Dman), Shea Weber has a 14.1 (really high), and Erik Karlsson has a 5.4 (pretty low). If Subban attempts to check an 8 weight, he may have some issues, but he will usually knock down a 7 weight. Weber can knock down anyone 13 weight or lower, so he is the beast. Karlsson will have trouble knocking over anyone who isn't Johnny Gaudreau (not literally, but he will not be a C checking player). NHL17TradeDeadline.bin NHL17skipDeadlineFinal.zip NHL17Playoffs.bin
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    Segathon, thanks for the reply. I agree, the cross crease shot will go in way more than the B shot, but at least you can defend it by hitting the guy or using the goalie (unless you are stuck on the dreaded dead man). We'll try to get the eephus on video... Thx!
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    I'll bite. JR8ball is a Doctor who has a practice in Reno. He played HS Football for me from 1991-94. He was an All-State DB and got a Scholarship to Union College in Barbourville, Kentucky. He was also an State Champion wrestler. He won 2 State Championships as HS Wrestling Coach. He is the best TSB player in our group. He is planning on coming to Las Vegas for KO94 Two. Izee also lives in Reno and does really cool work for a small company that makes secret stuff for the USMC. He literally does and works on stuff he can't tell you about. He also played for me from 1991-94. Darn good little QB and better baseball player. 2nd Best TSB player and 2nd best (not counting AJ93) Hockey player. Good enough to win both. Turo is a younger guy (late 20's?) who is friends with JR8ball. They met through medicine and golf. He does something in the Medical field and lives in Minden. Solid good guy, who has played with us before. EddieC is another guy from that 1991-94 era that played for me. He is a Teacher and Coach in Reno and we have met in numerous coach vs former player match-ups. Solid Bud. Not real good at the games so he always gets the 49ers and Red Wings. AngryJay93 solid NHL94 Superstar. Who I was fortunate to meet on this site and in Toronto. Has played in our last 4 Live events. Lives in Free Republic of California, but we don't hold that against him. Got good at TSB quickly and is a threat to win. Also decent at RBI Baseball and Jams which we sometimes play, but not this time. He is going to try and do Best of 7 Cup Run with the Sharks on the 18th kinda in the spirit of Princes vs Paupers. We started these in 2009 for my 45th Birthday with mostly former players. We had over 20 guys for that first one. Never more than 12 since and lately more like 4-6 as they are of the age of having young children. Of course it really started back in 1991 playing TSB in the Locker Room after practice. I wish I was a creative as Segathon and could have a page like he does. It is in the spirit of what Depch has talked about having cards for players on this site. http://www.segathon.com/rankings/ And thanks for keeping this bumped up near the top.