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  1. jtakkunen

    Whats up with the Sens?

    You guys need a forward ehhh....come make offer for gaborik we will take anyting at this point!!!
  2. jtakkunen

    Alexander Semin Plays bongo's

    LOL, I love seeing crybaby superstars trying to fight... just like crosby getting 19 penalty minutes the other night when the penswere getting the butts whipped!
  3. jtakkunen

    2009 NHL All Star First line will be..

    Crosby broke Jagrs 2000 season vote record by like 700,000 votes, and went over 1.7 million votes and malkin went over 1.5 million! All the east starters and 11 overall were acually over Jagrs 1 mill votes in 2000. Sorry Guys only 4 habs starters! http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/news;_ylt=AvYm...p&type=lgns
  4. jtakkunen

    Active NHL/professional hockey players list

    Claude Lemieux signs w sharks http://www.cbc.ca/sports/hockey/story/2008...ns.html?ref=rss
  5. Jusin Mornaeu!!! With a 300 batting avg. 29 HR and 129 RBIslast year. hes been ripping up he league since he became a pro.He beat out crosby by 17 pts. Was pretty good hockey player also when he was younger but im glad he dicided to stick w baseball!!! Its a blast waching this guy every summer here!! http://www.twincities.com/sports/ci_11326998?source=rss
  6. jtakkunen

    world juniors...

    Well he is 17 so hes not that young
  7. jtakkunen

    world juniors...

    Puck Juggling goal by some kid named John Tarvares happened today in the Junors, pretty sick play...... http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/blog/puck_dadd...?urn=nhl,131260
  8. jtakkunen

    hahaha new york!...SUNDIN signs in vancouver!

    Accually in fan satisfaction rankings the pirates made the top 75! http://sports.espn.go.com/chat/sportsnation/franchiseRanks
  9. jtakkunen

    2009 NHL All Star First line will be..

    and vanek, lecaviler, parise and so on
  10. jtakkunen

    2009 NHL All Star First line will be..

    Whats up w all the dalllas stars they have been kinda sucky this year. Does everybody in canada vote for the habs players or what? thats ok becouse it will be and easy win wihout malkin or crosby starting! Vot for BACKSTROM and the real captin koivu..MIKKO!
  11. jtakkunen

    WPG vs NYR

    In NY, NYR 2 vs WPG 3 In WPG, WPG 3 vs NYR 0 GGS
  12. jtakkunen

    WPG vs STL

    In STL STL 2 vs WPG 3 In WPG WPG 5 vs SL 0 GGS!
  13. jtakkunen

    Free preview of NHL center Ice

    All you comcast cable customers there is a free p! review the first couple weeks of the season.You get all the games on Twelve different channels! Cant wait for ANH/ San Jose, and Cal/Van tonite!
  14. jtakkunen

    WPG vs HFD

    In HFD HFD 2 vs WPG 5 In WPG WPG 5 vs HFD 3 GGS!