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    I've been playing SNES games online recently with something called Parsec, it's this free program that essentially lets you share your computer, and someone remotely connects as a second (or third or fourth etc.) player. They can use their controller, keyboard, mouse, etc. It's pretty rad, and the latency is impressively low if you've got good internet. Thought I'd share it with everyone, I actually used it to play NHL '96 with a friend just a few days ago. https://parsecgaming.com/ It's way easier to set up than Hamachi etc, it just sort of...works.
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    @jackandjose @petraiwe we have one for 2018 now! And 2017....and 1998 :-) (see below)
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    Gretzky-Lindros-Davydov Coffey-Burt Moog I like the kind of teams that are very good but not elite or overpowered. This is a mix of my most dominant teams (GDL 13, Blitz 11) and my favourite player in Gretzky. I wouldn't mind swapping Coffey for Bourque and Burt for Lowe or Dahl.
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    @skip You can find a bunch of them at tecmobowl.org in the downloads section. Here's a direct link. Unfortunately, it appears that there isn't one yet for this season.