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  1. In my experience I would say the only thing that held me back was always putting off the figuring out the netplay. I created my account on nhl94.com in 2009. When I came across the site I was amazed and I have always kept checking in out of interest in this community. I just never took the leap of jumping in. As per recent feedback in this thread I feel a detailed instruction on netplay could attract more players? A detailed set of instructions with images or even a youtube video with a link on how to setup? I realize this takes effort so by no means am I saying "somebody has to do this!" This most likely would have had me competing earlier. I do like the idea of this being advertised on the homepage in more of a bold approach. Anyways I'm a huge fan of this community and much shout out to the creators and admins who created and keep it going. I'm really excited to finally join a league!
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  2. I think so, too. Well, I was thinking more along the lines of a few big options, like "What do you want to do?" Play NHL94 against other people (requires a windows/mac/linux/retropie computer) (sends you to computer emulator setup, also tells them about leagues) Play NHL94 solo (on your computer, console, or phone) (sends you to info about playing on consoles, phones etc). Talk to other NHL'94 fans (sends you to a page which gives the forum link and discord link). Download updated versions of NHL'94 (sends them to ROMs) Show me everything! (sends you to something like the current nhl94.com page) Play in a live event (upcoming tournament list, some videos from past events..) This was kind of the idea behind the JoinUs page (https://nhl94.com/joinus/ ), a landing page that tries to give you an overhead view of the things you can do on nhl94/online.com
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  3. This site is the best! I know I just sit on the bench and chirp in every now and then, (one day when I get my sh!+ together and drop some funds into a new laptop I'll jump in and play online) but I just want you all to know how awesome all this site and the dudes who keep it going are. With 'Rona Season sucking butt, and sports on and off, and all the other stuff goin' down, you dudes have kept NHL 94 going strong...and for that, I salute you. #yesI'mdrinking #butYouAllKickAss
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