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  1. - Prelude - Here are some interesting stats plucked from the Genesis ROM. Feel free to add your own below. As they come in, I will add to this post and credit you. Contributors so far: Smoz, Chaos, and Kingraph. NOTE 1: In case you have not reached Grand Wizard Nerd Status (GWNS) yet, the attributes are from 0-6, not 0-99 as they appear in the game. For an explanation of the logic behind this, and your first step towards full on GWNS, see Kingraph's writeup here: http://nhl94strategy.com/?page_id=26 NOTE 2: Atomic Raven created a nifty tool to compare player stats. Very han
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  2. 5 Speed, 1 Agility The one and only NHL94 hotrod, Randy Wood
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