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  1. Below you will find a bunch of graphs and figures regarding the Classic Spring 2021 SNES-A regular season. Classic_Spring2021_SNES-A.csv Classic_Spring2021_SNES-A_allPlayersSummary.csv
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  2. The GENS guys have all the nice tools. Not being able to extract a roster from an SNES '94 ROM really drove me nuts. So, I made a tool. SNES '94 Roster Tool Current Version - 0.7 Previous Versions - 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.55, 0.6 * - version 0.7 has bug fixes and is more friendlier with custom ROMs * - version 0.6 has bug fixes and works with SMC Headered and Headerless ROMs Uninstall previous versions before installing a new version (You can uninstall the Tool from the "Uninstall Programs" page in Windows Settings) Bug Fixes in 0.7: - Fixed a bug where the last team in the ROM, if the roster size was changed, would not show the correct number of F, D, and G in the game. This could cause crashing on the Lineup screen. - Fixed a bug where if the roster size was changed, the "Player Stats" page in the in-game menu would crash - Added the function where it reads the Player Data Area offset value instead of assuming the default value of 85 bytes. - Made the executable a single file, and removed the Windows installer. Features: - Extract rosters and attributes from any '94-based SNES NHL '94 ROM. Results saved in CSV format, easy to open in MS Excel or any spreadsheet program for editing and viewing. - Import rosters from CSV file - Spreadsheet programs can save the data in CSV form, and use the file to import roster data. The Tool will make a copy of a selected ROM and update the rosters (only the copy of the ROM is changed). The resulting ROM created from the Tool is fully compatible with the SNES ROM Editor by Statto and can be run on any emulator. This allows you to make widespread changes to the player names, attributes and jersey numbers. Instead of going through each player one by one, you can make changes easily in Excel or any other Spreadsheet program, save the sheet as a CSV file, and import it into the ROM. Importing data is pretty simple. The layout of the CSV file needs to be the same as the results in an exported file. I would suggest using exported data as a template. If there is a problem with the imported file, the program will notify you. Some important rules: The Team Abbreviations in the import file need to match what is already in the ROM. So, lets say you changed Quebec Nordiques (QUE) to Colorado Avalanche (COL). The abbreviation in the import file for Colorado should be COL, not QUE, or CLR, etc. If they do not match, the program will return an error and notify you of what team does not match. The order of each team roster in the file must be in Goalies first, then Forwards, then Defense. Also, the tool will ONLY edit the teams listed in the CSV file. So if you are doing incremental updates (maybe 3 team rosters at a time), only include the teams you are updating in the CSV file. The other team rosters will not be touched. For extra information, check the Help menu in the program. Instructions for Installation: - Extract the zip file - Put the folder wherever you like. Do not remove any files from the folder. Instructions: - Start the program (Setup should put a shortcut on the desktop) For Exporting: - Click on "Export to CSV" button - Choose a ROM (.SMC format) - Type in a file name to save the results (will be in .CSV format) The CSV (Comma Delimited) file can be opened easily in any spreadsheet program (MS Excel, OpenOffice Calc, etc) For Importing: - Click on "Import to CSV" button - Choose a CSV file (.CSV format) - Choose a ROM (.SMC format) - Choose a place to save the updated ROM (.SMC format) - The updated ROM will contain the changes Requirements: - Windows 7 or later (might have to be 64-bit version, I have not tested it on 32-bit. If someone has issues, please let me know, I can change it to 32-bit based) - 8.5MB of space. The program itself is not that large, but since this is written in Python, the program also contains a Python interpreter to remove the need for Python to be installed on your computer. Disk Space on modern computers should not be a problem. - MS Visual C++ Redistribution Package 2010. It's quite possible you might have this installed already. If not, it is a free download from Microsoft. (You may or may not need this anymore). Let me know if there are any issues. FAQ: Q: Why would I want to use this tool? The SNES ROM Editor already does this. A: When it comes to editing rosters, the SNES ROM Editor is very cumbersome, since you can only make changes on a per team basis, one player at a time. With the ability to export and import rosters into a ROM, these changes can be made fairly quickly, since you can change all the teams at once. For example: I want to make a ROM for a draft league with the rosters based on the '94 version. Each team will have 12 players. - I can export the rosters from the original '94 ROM, and open result in Excel or Openoffice. - I go through and change the team abv. for each player to match their new team, along with their new jersey number if needed. - I re-sort the spreadsheet by the Team Abv column and re-sort the Pos column to show G, F, D - I remove players on each team to cut it down to 12 players - I save/export the results in a CSV file. - I open the SNES Roster Tool and import the CSV file. - Open up the ROM in SNES ROM Editor, and change the Team Lines. - All done. A total of 15 min of work, maybe less. Q: I want to create a new ROM. What should be my work flow? A: I would suggest the following: Open a NHL' 94 ROM in SNES ROM Editor. Make changes to the team information (Team Name, Abv, Arena) Make changes to graphics (banners, jersey colors, etc) Save the new ROM. Open up SNES Roster Tool. Export the ROM data of the new ROM. Import the results into a spreadsheet program, make changes to the rosters (names, attributes, roster length, etc). Save as a CSV file. Import the CSV file into the new ROM with SNES Roster Tool. Open up modified ROM in SNES ROM Editor. Make changes to the Team Lines for each team. Save the ROM, and play it! Q:What if I only want to make roster changes to a few teams? A: Not a problem! The only teams that will have changes applied to them are the ones that are in the CSV file you plan on importing. So if you only want to change CGY, ANH, SJ, and DET, just have their rosters in the file. You still will have to go and update the Team Lines for any teams that are changed. All other teams will be untouched. Future Additions: - Import from CSV Function - I have this currently working. Just needs some refining (I need to make it update the lines) in order to get the ROM to open properly in the SNES Editor. I will release it probably tomorrow once I get it working. - Edit Lines Function - I plan on adding this option in the future, just to round the tool out. SNES Roster Tool 0.7.zip SNES Roster Tool 0.7 Source.zip
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  3. Version 0.7 has been released fixing some serious bugs. Thanks to @kidswasted for finding these!
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  4. Below you will find a bunch of graphs and figures regarding the Classic Spring 2021 GENS-B regular season. Classic_Spring2021_GENS-B.csv Classic_Spring2021_GENS-B_allPlayersSummary.csv
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