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  1. Yeah, this is why I like people trying the move. As the opposing guy moves in his entire team tends to pinch down, and it's a very straightforward play with manual goalie to knock him down, take the puck, then feed an odd-man rush going the other way.
  2. Ha, yeah it's been a while since I posted that. Never done the rom/emulator thing, and never got into any of the mods/hacks etc. Buddy mentioned in that post just got back from oz and we just had a best of 13 series (or something like that, we weren't really keeping track), reminded me of these boards. I'm a little rusty....
  3. SNES is so much different than Genesis. Carson is the stud of this team on SNES, Gretzky will never make a lineup. Granato's blazing fast, but his hands are weak.
  4. I thought I'd give this the old four year bump. How has the game evolved, do "cheap" goals still exist, are they disallowed? What's the deal with these?
  5. Is there a member list on these forums? I realized I registered three days after Evan, and I must be one of the first. Time does fly. Edit: I see the member number pops up under the name. #10, I'm proud.
  6. So, can someone explain to me how Reese lets in 6 goals on 4 shots, and ends up with a save percentage of 486%? I'm no math whiz, but my flash card division skills tell me this is problematic. I can't for the life of me even figure out how the numbers 6 and 4 can be divided/multiplied to produce 486?
  7. Thanks for doing that Cam. Unfortunately we're hardcore SNES players, and the jersey colours are quite different. That's just not Joel Otto to us. I know, I know - looking a gift horse in the mouth. I REALLY appreciate that being posted, but I should clarify that I'm looking for an SNES one, where the jerseys are the same colour (roughly) as the guy in the picture.
  8. Hi there, Long time no lurk for me on these forums, I've been working in the bush and hardly able to get AM, let alone NHL. I don't have an emulator (and can't really download it on my buddy's computer). Is there anyone out there who would be so kind as to take a SS of Joel Otto facing forward with the puck for me, and post it here? I'm essentially looking for the image below, but with the star and the number in the picture. If someone could help me out it'd be mucho appreciated. It's for a custom cell phone case. Thanks, Nate P.S. If you don't know that Joel Otto is a third perio
  9. wow, if you could send those to me or put that up it'd be amazing!
  10. I didn't think there was, but someone I know swears they have NHL 94 for the PC, and on the NHL 94 wikipedia site (which someone migth want to update as a project), it says: "NHL Hockey 94 was also released for the PC with similar, but not exactly the same gameplay versus the console versions. It also added full season and transactions, as well as the full set NHL awards. Despite these additions, the PC versions never reached the popularity of the 16-bit cartridges." Is this true? Can someone tell me if they have it and I can buy it off them/download it? P.S. - I'm talking about a PC speci
  11. This is to address a couple of threads, and all the whining I've encountered, about the supposed "cheap goals" in NHL 94. This only pertains to the SNES version, as without defence control and manual goalie in the Genesis version I'm on the fence about the issue. For SNES, with defence control and manual goalie, there is NO goal that cannot be defended against. My roomate and I (who were best friends playing the game back in 94 when it came out) abolished the "cheap" wraparound goal from the start because we thought it was unfair and stupid, and kept it abolished for over 10 years. As ou
  12. Alright, a couple of people have broken the century mark (supposedly), but because they did things like use an all-star team or pull their goalie (for the entire game lol) I don't really qualify those, so here's the challenge I'm throwing out there: By November 30th (two months), I want to see who can post the most goals under the following conditions: Gameplay - SNES or GENESIS (this is such a huge advantage to the Genesis players because scoring is about 30% easier on Genesis) - 20 Minute Periods - You must use a regular team, and must NOT pull your goalie for any part of the game. - Y
  13. I had always thought SNES AI was much more difficult than Genesis, but after scoring 95 goals in 60 mins, and comparing it to the Sega record (ballpark 40 in 30 minutes), I'm no longer so sure. Can anyone who plays both systems regularly comment?
  14. It's NHL 94, twenty minute periods on the SNES version. I guess this post should be sufficient for the "records" submission to Evan?