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    We need something like this for the Genesis!
  2. Willing to be a substitute
  3. I think the NHL '93 AI is much better than the NHL '94 AI, as in '93 you can't expect to score off some terrible cross crease goals in every play, the defense plays much better, the goalies play much better, and every game is a challenge. I will not lie NHL '94 is the better game, but '93 is the game that's harder to win in.
  4. I'm thinking about slowly learning programming and coding, starting with html.
  5. I'll try contacting someone on discord to see if they can help out.
  6. I feel you on that. Maybe someone can help out with that?
  7. No, I might screenshot the statistics or put them in a document.
  8. Go ahead and advertise it! Appreciate it!
  9. Also, what statistics for the league should I track each game?
  10. Maybe we can get one of the other community members to help out, TM you got to do some work to make them line up perfectly. Some of the people in the community have no problem doing so.
  12. I'm going to have to steal this. In all seriousness, thank you for this list! I might use this for FA and drafting in the future!
  13. I'm probably going to follow most of this set-up, these rules will work out much better! Appreciate it!
  14. This will be useful for playing '94 in class lol
  15. Yes, it is a CPU vs CPU league. I do want to do the FA bidding, but how? I can't just do real money and this league has no salary cap at the moment.
  16. Also, maybe we can update player models for the team (but that's like a .0000001% chance of happening).
  17. Not a bad start, maybe update player cards and logo and it'll be perfect.
  18. Hmmm, I can probably change the FA system up. All of this are the very basic bases for the league at the moment, so quite a bit could change over the next few weeks before starting it up. As for videos, I might upload them to YouTube under a different account and try and get some of the basic results.
  19. Alright, so I've mentioned this before, but lately I've been making new ideas for this league and I plan to launch it in a few weeks. The NHL '94 Sim League, all done on the original NHL '94! If you're interested in the league, message me! Here are the plans and rules for the league! PLANS: 1) League Layout: 16 Teams 8 Team Tournament, Single Knockout 10 Week Season, 3 Games/Week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), Mid-season Fantasy Draft for Season I: 10 Forwards, 8 Defensemen, 3 Goalies Free Agency: Silent Auction, Highest Bidder Wins (24 Hour Time-Frame) Roster Setup: Minimums- 8 Forwards, 6 Defensemen, 2 Goalies; Maximums- 12 Fowards 10 Defensemen, 4 Goalies Cuts: You can cut up to 5 players/season, and the rest will go on waivers. Salary Cap: I've decided that teams will start with a $40 Million Budget per team. 2) Rules: Show respect to other GMs, don't be immature (Trash Talking is Permitted) Do not cheat (Transactions after deadline, below minimum, above maximum) Do not complain to me, manager of the league, if you break a rule. Just have fun. Penalties for breaking the rules include: 1st Time Offense: Warning 2nd Time Offense: Lose a player/pick, any player/pick 3rd Time Offense: Short Suspension (No Transactions allowed by GM during that period) 4th Time Offense: Punishments will be decided by manager of league, me (Blake) Beyond That: Thrown out the league More rules to come eventually, come up with suggestions if you like.
  20. Can't wait to try this out later!
  21. That's neat. Do you remember what factored into the overalls? Might give me an idea for ratings for '94 ROMs.
  22. If only 2K came back... You were the one behind all of those classic rosters (90s Wings, Sabres, etc.)?
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