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  1. I was hoping we would see a World Juniors ROM. This is perfect!
  2. I had a triple OT game (5 minute periods) using skip's 2019 ROM and Rasmus Dahlin won it with a slapshot vs Montreal.
  3. Finally it's here! I have a question though: What do you use to decide ratings? I know it isn't an easy task.
  4. [OCTOBER 6TH, 2018] 2018-19 NHL '94 SIMULATION PREDICTIONS EDM @ NJD: 5-2 EDM NYR @ BUF: 5-4 NYR OTT @ TOR: 8-4 TOR FLA @ TBL: 8-7 TBL (OT) NSH @ NYI: 3-2 NSH MTL @ PIT: 5-2 MTL WPG @ DAL: 8-3 DAL CHI @ STL: 7-3 CHI VGK @ MIN: 6-2 VGK PHI @ COL: 9-4 COL ANA @ ARZ: 5-2 ANA VAN @ CGY: 4-2 VAN Sim Rules: PERIOD LEGNTH: 20 MIN RULES: On (Including Offsides) LINE CHANGES: AUTO What I noticed: I'm experimenting different rules. What I realized is that these 20 minute periods allow too many goals, too many penalties, and too many shots. When I checked the stat sheets for 2 or 3 of these games, all teams had 45+ shots on goal. When I checked the game (which was with 8x Frame Skip), stoppages occured every 30 seconds, and that goals would not stop piling up. I'm likely going to change things up for tomorrow. These weren't good at all, especially for the TBL vs FLA game, when TB managed to comeback from a 6-2 game in favor of Florida to win 8-7 in OT. Not only that, but looking at the scores, they show that 11/24 (nearly 50%) of the teams playing managed to score 5+ goals, with 7 of those teams (over 25%) scoring at least 6 goals. NHL '94 Prediction Record So Far: 8-4 (All games finished) ROM LINK:
  5. Do you have Windows 10? If so, use press the windows key and G simultaneously in order to activate the Game DVR. Click "Yes, this is a game". Finally, begin recording and it should record smoothly. Finally, put it in OBS and add your overlays.
  6. I might need help setting up OBS. I can't find any good settings for it
  7. I started doing '94 exclusively but i havent uploaded in ages
  8. There's no known footage of the Phantom skater named as ARENA, but I made a simulation that has their stats maxed out AND crashes whenever you get a point with the player. Here's the first possible footage recorded: Fusion_3.64_-_Genesis_-_nhl94_Phantom_4_2_2018_11_13_50_PM.mp4
  9. It was called Windows 10 because 7 8 9.
  10. Finally it's here, can't wait to play it!
  11. Nothing has changed other than Atlanta moving to Winnipeg and Vegas getting a team.
  12. I'll PM you it, found it through a quick search on google.
  13. http://en.uncyclopedia.co/wiki/NHL_'94 This is a parody site of Wikipedia.
  14. Coach, can you put these files in a .zip file?
  15. Someone has rosters for NHL 2K8 on the PS3.
  16. Jagr on waivers, plans to play in Europe if no one takes him.
  17. I'm trying to fix a few things: Replace All-Stars East with Team Sega (Finished) Replace All-Stars West with NHL All-Stars (Incomplete) Change Logos for both teams (Incomplete) Change Banner Colors, Text for Team Sega (Finished Colors, Not Text) Change Player Cards (Incomplete) This project is going to take awhile, as I got to figure out the basics.
  18. Is there a tutorial on this site that gives details on how to change the team banners on the menu screen in NHL '94?
  19. Blake

    Editor v0.8.1

    We need something like this for the Genesis!
  20. Willing to be a substitute
  21. I think the NHL '93 AI is much better than the NHL '94 AI, as in '93 you can't expect to score off some terrible cross crease goals in every play, the defense plays much better, the goalies play much better, and every game is a challenge. I will not lie NHL '94 is the better game, but '93 is the game that's harder to win in.
  22. I'm thinking about slowly learning programming and coding, starting with html.
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