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    Angryjay 93: Youtube Channel Updates

    Do you have Windows 10? If so, use press the windows key and G simultaneously in order to activate the Game DVR. Click "Yes, this is a game". Finally, begin recording and it should record smoothly. Finally, put it in OBS and add your overlays.
  2. Blake

    Angryjay 93: Youtube Channel Updates

    I might need help setting up OBS. I can't find any good settings for it
  3. Blake

    Angryjay 93: Youtube Channel Updates

    I started doing '94 exclusively but i havent uploaded in ages
  4. There's no known footage of the Phantom skater named as ARENA, but I made a simulation that has their stats maxed out AND crashes whenever you get a point with the player. Here's the first possible footage recorded: Fusion_3.64_-_Genesis_-_nhl94_Phantom_4_2_2018_11_13_50_PM.mp4
  5. Blake

    Best Setups for NHL94

    It was called Windows 10 because 7 8 9.
  6. Blake

    NHL 2018 Deadline update - Naples

    Finally it's here, can't wait to play it!
  7. Blake

    What the NHL might look like in 2018?

    Nothing has changed other than Atlanta moving to Winnipeg and Vegas getting a team.
  8. Blake

    Looking to buy a updated sega genesis

    I'll PM you it, found it through a quick search on google.
  9.'94 This is a parody site of Wikipedia.
  10. Blake

    Looking to buy a updated sega genesis

    Can you do anything about it?
  11. Blake

    Coach Mac's Historic Roms

    Coach, can you put these files in a .zip file?
  12. Blake

    Other versions?

    Someone has rosters for NHL 2K8 on the PS3.
  13. Jagr on waivers, plans to play in Europe if no one takes him.
  14. Blake

    My hacks

    I'm trying to fix a few things: Replace All-Stars East with Team Sega (Finished) Replace All-Stars West with NHL All-Stars (Incomplete) Change Logos for both teams (Incomplete) Change Banner Colors, Text for Team Sega (Finished Colors, Not Text) Change Player Cards (Incomplete) This project is going to take awhile, as I got to figure out the basics.
  15. Is there a tutorial on this site that gives details on how to change the team banners on the menu screen in NHL '94?
  16. We need something like this for the Genesis!
  17. Blake

    VHL6 Roll Call!

    Willing to be a substitute
  18. Blake

    NHL '93 AI > '94 AI

    I think the NHL '93 AI is much better than the NHL '94 AI, as in '93 you can't expect to score off some terrible cross crease goals in every play, the defense plays much better, the goalies play much better, and every game is a challenge. I will not lie NHL '94 is the better game, but '93 is the game that's harder to win in.
  19. Blake

    NHL '94 Sim League

    Alright, so I've mentioned this before, but lately I've been making new ideas for this league and I plan to launch it in a few weeks. The NHL '94 Sim League, all done on the original NHL '94! If you're interested in the league, message me! Here are the plans and rules for the league! PLANS: 1) League Layout: 16 Teams 8 Team Tournament, Single Knockout 10 Week Season, 3 Games/Week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), Mid-season Fantasy Draft for Season I: 10 Forwards, 8 Defensemen, 3 Goalies Free Agency: Silent Auction, Highest Bidder Wins (24 Hour Time-Frame) Roster Setup: Minimums- 8 Forwards, 6 Defensemen, 2 Goalies; Maximums- 12 Fowards 10 Defensemen, 4 Goalies Cuts: You can cut up to 5 players/season, and the rest will go on waivers. Salary Cap: I've decided that teams will start with a $40 Million Budget per team. 2) Rules: Show respect to other GMs, don't be immature (Trash Talking is Permitted) Do not cheat (Transactions after deadline, below minimum, above maximum) Do not complain to me, manager of the league, if you break a rule. Just have fun. Penalties for breaking the rules include: 1st Time Offense: Warning 2nd Time Offense: Lose a player/pick, any player/pick 3rd Time Offense: Short Suspension (No Transactions allowed by GM during that period) 4th Time Offense: Punishments will be decided by manager of league, me (Blake) Beyond That: Thrown out the league More rules to come eventually, come up with suggestions if you like.
  20. Blake

    NHL '94 Sim League

    I'm thinking about slowly learning programming and coding, starting with html.
  21. Blake

    NHL '94 Sim League

    Bumped so people can see.
  22. Blake

    Some Sonic-themed hacks

    I'll try contacting someone on discord to see if they can help out.
  23. Blake

    Some Sonic-themed hacks

    I feel you on that. Maybe someone can help out with that?
  24. Blake

    NHL '94 Sim League

    No, I might screenshot the statistics or put them in a document.