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  1. Dear TA_Marcos_Translations. The national team of Canada in this mod remains unchanged. The color of the ice logo is changing, the color should be red. You can make the ice logo design at your discretion.
  2. TA_Marcos_Translations. I saw a preliminary part of your work. Just a fantastic job, no words to express my gratitude to you.
  3. Hello TA_Marcos_Translations. Earlier, I probably incorrectly expressed myself under the color of the uniform of the Canadian team, I meant the color of the ice logo. Regards Thornton.
  4. NHL 97 (UE) [!]_0.bmp NHL_97_v_3.bmp
  5. Dear TA_Marcos_Translations. A slight nuance arose here. In reality, the Canadian national team uniform is red, and the ice on the pack is black.
  6. Preference - Team List No Cheats
  7. Dear TA_Marcos_Translations. Then leave everything as it was before. We play international tournaments among national teams here. Therefore, when playing among each other among the national teams of the Czech Republic, Finland, Russia and Sweden, we hide the hidden menu commands in the Transactions option, where there is no restriction on exchanges. We assemble the Czech national team in the Chicago team, the Finland national team in Washington. For us in this pack, all NHL teams are important for the games of the season. Regards Thornton.
  8. Dear TA_Marcos_Translations. There is a slight flaw in this mod. The national teams of the Czech Republic and Finland hidden in the menu have the opportunity to play with the national teams of Canada, the USA and Europe, but there is no way to play matches between the Czech Republic, Finland against the national teams of Russia and Sweden. I already consider you a great Master and I hope that the Teams of the Czech Republic and Finland can appear in the main menu of the game.
  9. Dear TA_Marcos_Translations. You did a fantastic job of graphical execution of this mod, for which my special thanks are for your work. When this release is finally ready, I think it will become a mini-masterpiece and the number of downloads will increase many times, since you gave it the final look.
  10. Dear TA_Marcos_Translations. I am very glad that you turned your attention to my mod pack of national teams. I answer your question about how to play the Czech and Finnish national teams. These commands are in the hidden menu of the game. you need to dial the following code A + B + C = start. Of course, for my part, I will be very grateful for you to make additional changes and additions to this mod. I will be very glad if you consider it necessary for mutual assistance in creating the mod. The other day I plan to create an NHL 98 mod based on the NHL 97 game. To a greater extent, I usual
  11. Dear colleagues.I have been playing and testing NHL 96/7/8 games with my friends for a long time.Despite their similarity, they have differences. Unlike NHL 96 and NHL 97/8 in goalkeepers, in NHL 97/8 they are more flexible, in the speed of the game NHL 97\8 is higher than in NHL 96. Fundamentally not playing NHL 98, but I could edit players as we see the players 'ratings are too high, and especially angered that grip players' sticks incorrectly spelled ( M. Lemieux S. Yzerman, E. Lindros, B. Hull, B. Shanahan and other stars - the grip sticks left, although they are the players right enough).
  12. Error : The Czech and Finnish ( The Czech and Finland)
  13. NHL 96/7/8 use the following attributes to calculate the rating of players: Hex 0, attribute rating will always range from 40 to 44 ( maximum difference of 4) = 40 Hex 1, attribute rating will always range from 44 to 53 (maximum difference of 9) = 49 Hex 2, attribute rating will always range from 53 to 62 (maximum difference of 9) = 58 Hex 3, attribute rating will always range from 62 to 71 (maximum difference of 9) = 67 Hex 4, attribute rating will always range from 71 to 80 (maximum difference of 9) = 76 Hex 5, attribute rating will always range from 81 to 98
  14. Thornton97

    NHL 97 v.2

    NHL97 V. 2 changed player ratings. instead of stars of East and West added teams of Russia and Sweden. In the hidden menu, instead of EA Sports and Renegades teams, the Czech and Finnish national teams are added. Edited rosters teams Canada USA and Europe. There was a problem when editing the ice of the national teams of Russia, Finland and the Czech Republic. Preferably the ice teams to make all teams EA Sports. Added star player Todd Bertuzzi to the new York islanders, who played 76 games in the 1995-96 season. NHL_97_v.2_[!].bin