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  1. Adding Ron has been great, thanks again. I'm now wondering, is it possible to replace the intro music with the 'Hockey Night and Canada' theme? Rosters and graphics can be updated and changed, but can the music be changed as well?
  2. This is great, thanks. The issue might be my gamepad... after input my settings, I get a drifting cursor. Is there a gamepad that you would recommend?
  3. I downloaded the DOSBox pre-installed package, and it detected my gamepad. I'm having some trouble calibrating it though. On the calibration screen with the goalie, the analog stick moves the puck in a very jerky fashion, and the puck just keep flashing. I tried JoyToKey but I'm not quite sure how to use it properly. Any tips? Thanks!
  4. The NHL 95 rom that has Ron MacClean on the Match Up Screen, with the NHL rosters from that time (not so much the IIHF rosters, as cool as that looks too!)
  5. Amazing! Can't wait to use the 94' rom when you have it done!
  6. Are we able to make ROM requests? Like many, I love the work done by @naples39 and @Sauce for the Genesis. I have a request – I would love to see Ron MaClean in the pre-game section of the game. Is this possible for someone to do? Thanks for all the hard work!
  7. My copy of NHL 06 arrived arrived today, and I was seriously going to take a stab at table-mapping all of the fake player names to the real ones. But after going through some of the rosters on 06's version of NHL 94, they don't quite line up to the original versions. For example, The Leafs have an extra goalie in 06's (three netminders as compared to 94's two), and there is someone with a 73 rating in 06's version that isn't found on the Leafs original '94 roster. When going the other way, I checked out The LA Kings. Luc Robitaille's 85 rating in '94 is nowhere to be found on The Kings roster in the '06 version. That makes me wonder which "fake player" he is, if he's ever there at all. Of course there are some obvious ones that are based off real players, but it looks like the rosters vary from the original versions. Disappointing since I was really looking forward to matching everyone up to their real-life counterparts. Edit: I downloaded the rom today, just to compare. It looks like the manual isn't accurate to the actual in-game roster.
  8. That's great, thanks smozoma. I saw your message in that thread which you said "someone could put together a table mapping the fake player names to the real ones". Do you know if anyone ever did that, or if one exists?
  9. Now that I know that NHL 94 is included on NHL 06 for the PS2, I have a question regarding the rosters. I read that the rosters are "fake", understandably due to licensing issues. But how fake are they? Are the player attributes the same, meaning we can decipher who they are in real life? I'd love to find a list of the original rosters and 06's to compare.