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  1. Here are a handful of ringtones I made for the iPhone. Just started playing it online, played it back in the 90's and loved it! Not smart enough yet to do the coding and programming that some of the tech guys on this site have done, so I used a good ringtone app. Hope it works for someone! NHL 94-iPhone
  2. Thanks aqualizard for the "No Audio" fix.  The Windows Runtime fixed my issue on the Surface pro! 

  3. naples39, Thank you so much for the updated rosters. This is literally my first post, as I just joined an hour ago and got NHL 94 working. Played this game back in the day and loved it. Will probably hit you up at some point about doing my men's league team too, as another user did. Especially now with corona upsetting all of our lives, it's a perfect time to finally get started playing this retro game with current rosters. Thanks again!