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  1. I'm on AIM all the time, jgblackrock. I've IM'd you a few times but no luck. Let me know when you can play.
  2. Whoo, my home town sabres. Alexander the great! La-la-la-la-la-Fontaine!!
  3. All my stuff is right. Thanks guys. "61 blackrock blackrock78 [at] hotmail [dot] com jgblackrock 20 Yes"
  4. Hey guys, I'm kind of new, but hoping to get in a league this fall. My AIM is jgblackrock. If I'm logged on then I;'m probably up to play.
  5. Hey everyone, I'm a new coach looking to complete a test game. My AIM is jgblackrock, I'll be around. Thanks.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm \new and hoping to get a spot in one of the upcoming leagues. I've played a few dozen times online already, but this will be my first league. My AIM is jgblackrock, I hope to play a test game soon.