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  1. How do I go about going a league?
  2. I'm currently playing 94 and just recently played one of the league guys in two spectacular games. Hope to hear from you soon.
  3. I've seen this "Miracle" about 5 times and it more annoying than anything else. But whatever lifts your spirits......
  4. In the quest for competion I am issuing a challenge to ANYONE, ANYTIME. Please just email me @ with a exact time and netplay server and I'll be there. I will play everyone at their convenience and have a great business road runner connection. I know I should be using AIM or Hotmail but this is just a supplement to get games every now and then. If I beat you too bad you can always play Manowar who is trying to regain his touch. (He'll probable beat most of you too after a while so get em while he's still rusty ) But really were just a couple of guys who recently just start
  5. This thread appears to be heating up but I do agree that NHL94 was ALWAYS cool and will remain to be so. Desynching when your losing is ALWAYS uncool and lead to people getting bad reps. Take your losses like a man and get better! Anybody wanna play email me @ and I'll play anyone, anytime........
  6. 1.) You should always play with penalties especially offsides. 2.) Line changes gives you a more relistic game albeit a less exciting one. 3.)10 mins period is a good time length since it allows people to get back into the game if losing (like Manowar)
  7. I was just wondering which rooms are popular on Netplay and when the hell do people play? I've been on everyday for a month now and not one person is running NHL94. Anybody want to schedule an easy win against me? I'm just starting to play again so I'd like to get some practice other than the lame computer.
  8. I don't have AIM yet but you can reach me at I just ordered a controller to play on the pc so we can maybe schedule a certain night to play each week. As soon as I get AIM I will foward you by screen name.
  9. I'm glad people are interested and would be an awesome day. Whenever you guys want to I'll make the time. Keep in contact!
  10. GensPlus never worked for me but Gen32 seem ok................
  11. I'm having a problem running GensPlus but run Gens32 just fine. Whenever I boot up GensPlus, pull out the nhl94 rom, i then click on netplay and join a server, then I host nhl94 but when my friend who has the exact same config tries to join it boots both of us back to our desktops. This is not so with Gens32 which connected just fine. Please help!
  12. Thats cool you live in Riverdale, me and my friend live a block away from the GW Bridge. You ever eat @ Jakes Steakhouse? LOL good porterhouse! Anyway I'm sure there are plenty more residing in NYC. Hope to see you soon and many more......
  13. You only beat me TWICE and I had San Jose both times.....other than that I agree with your post. 10 minute periods are ideal and lines changes brings a little bit of strategy to the game.