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  1. One of the biggest frustrations with online play, and why tourneys like Kingof94 will always be valuable, is that emulated online play just isn't quite the same as the live console. The controls just aren't as tight, the pace of the game feels generally slower, and using manual goalie requires you to become Nostradamus and divine the future of where the puck is headed.

    The latency setting for online is set to 3, but I've found that bumping it down to 2 or even 1 for rock solid connections, makes for a completely different game online. I'm curious if this is common practice at this point, or if people have had different experiences with the settings.

  2. I knew from online play that Schwartz was a top player when he was on his game, so when I noticed him having a couple drinks, I decided to let him keep drinking before approaching him for our game! T

    Haha, I remember you telling me that on the day. I think schwartz could play with 10 beers in his system and still play admirably.

    Hhahah how dare you all use the sweet nectar of the gods against me. As much as I would love to pin it on the beer, I was widely outclassed in that game with Bob.

    Great write up man. See you in Classic.

  3. Great write up annatar - you made the SNES boys proud with that performance and I'm only sorry I missed you rolling through Mikael 2 games in a row to get to the finals.

    Also one of the funniest moments was Darrell just shutting down that guy who tried to crack a joke before the King of '94 games and me and you were losing it. You had to be there!

    I couldn't breathe man. I just repeated the scene in my head and cracked the f**k up for half a minute. Here's the play by play:

    Guy in crowd: "Hey does the nhl 94 cartridge have to sign a video waiver too?"

    Darell: http://gifrific.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Michael-Scott-angry-stare-at-toby.gif

    Annatar/Oliver - I'll do my own writeup later when I have time but for now, check your AIM bud, I have some info for you.

    Get on it son.

  4. Maybe SNES just isn't as deep of a game. Maybe it's Grayto. Maybe it's a lack of a best-of-7 and he would have gotten crushed. No random could take me in a best-of-7 but anyone could dominate me in one or two games.

    He held KGman to 5-2 or 5-3 in their final series GENS game before dropping 8 goals on him in SNES. His play yesterday wasn't based on luck -- he's a legitimately solid player that brought consistent game.

  5. where's all the pics? wish I took more but hoping the rest of the buds post

    I can help with that: http://imgur.com/a/oxcQ7.

    #1 = Omega-Red and Etienne (sorry man didn't catch your forum name), front and center mid way through the tourney.

    #2 = SNES finals

    #3 = The SNES boys with Annatar repping proudly with a 2nd place finish. Dominant newcomer Mikael looks on from the background. Someone more proficient in technology than myself should get some text up to label the boys.

    You guys better have another tournament next year. I want to go.

    YES. One of my favourite days in recent memory. Darrell, Mikey, Evan and Smoz, and likely many more that I am not even aware of, deserve huge props for running a great tourney. Some real sharks out, including Mikael who was only really matched by Annatar and Bob Kudelski throughout the day. I never met him in tourney play so we ended up exchanging contact info -- I'll direct him to the site and get him set up with online play to see if anyone else can solve him.

    I gotta be clear -- I had just a great f**king time. I knew it was worth the flight as soon as I walked into the building, and the solidarity between the forums guys made me feel at home, despite not actually seeing a season through in 5-6 years. The dark side of this development is that I am now counting down the days to the next Classic league.

    It was an honour boys.

  6. Sitting with a beer and having troubles getting to sleep tonight with Christmas being in 2 days and all.

    Have we arrived at a consensus re: possible SNES 2v2 for Friday? If nothing is going, I'm going to grab a few brews and break up the GENS party.

  7. Boys it's offish - flights are booked, I nearly packed my bags today, and I am now in the process of choosing the golden controller to help me bring this thing back to Manitoba. Look for me on a flight on Friday afternoon

    I've scanned through the thread but are there any formal plans/location for a 2v2 on Friday night? It'd be a great way to kick off festivities, I wouldn't have to drink alone for once, and I can undertake to bring at least 1 multitap & console down. I'm willing to pick up some more 'taps in the coming weeks as well (perhaps we can hand them out as prizes that night).

    Let's get this confirmed up. If all else fails we'll find a hotel room and see how long it takes to get kicked out.

  8. I am having a difficult time controlling myself after reading this thread. Between the doc, this tourney and the recent origins article, our game seems like it is set for a bit of a well deserved renaissance. Couple of things:

    (1) Thank god Darren is being put in charge of this. Darren should actually be bettman's replacement but don't say that s**t to the league because they will steal him.

    (2) For inspiration's sake, has anyone watched through ESPN's coverage of the Tecmo Super Bowl some years back?

    (3) @ bringing our own controllers -- yes please

    (4) @ bringing multitaps for 2v2 action -- yes please

    (5) Has there been any talks about doing it on a Saturday-Sunday? I imagine there'll be ample opportunity for shenanigans, but I'd really like to take in the "culture" of the event over more than a single day if possible.

    I'm psyched. I don't know what to do with my body or mind I am just so excited that this is actually coming together.

  9. This is a f**king fantastic thread.

    I had a few of the snes 94 devs lined up for some interviews a few years back but they fell through due to some really poor time management on my part. It's exactly these kinds of questions that I would have loved to ask them and, honestly, I think there'd be some strats to glean from a better knowledge of the programming (i.e. what decides a two-pad stack vs. useless fetal goalie kick save posish, how much does the crowd meter impact the hot/coldness of your team, is there any way to increase the likelihood of breaking the glass?).

    I can't speak for GENS but in SNES I've found regular one timer success by crossing the blue line and doing a few pirouettes at the top of the circle until a teammate streaks in at about the position of F2, maybe a little further over. This seems to corroborate the idea that the AI always plays as is offsides are on: they pass the blue line and then finally start to turn back in as I'm spinning like a mad man.

    What also works surprisingly well is taking someone to around F1 and then handing off the puck to circle around the net -- F1 tends to spasm around the hash marks for a few seconds which gives you time to get around behind the net and dish a pass back to about the same position that F1 originally handed off at.

    Will run a few tests once exams finish up.

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