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  1. DEER YOU HAVE CALLED ME OUT AND I MUST RESPOND. I said it a few times in other threads so I not going to do it again but here's my commitements: 1)Visit forum and respond to email at least once a day for admin stuff. 2)Make an apperance on AIM for an hour a night. I promised and I will follow through with it starting tomorrow at 9:30 PM. I want to make this league work and the honest truth is that I haven't been putting in enough time. It changes now
  2. Would you mind if I added you to the SNES waiting list? It's always huge to find another snes player, especially one who can appreciate the finesse and beauty of hartford . On paper there are like uncooked weiners but on ice they bring the magic
  3. I apologized for this in another thread, but a large part is due to me not being around as much as I should. It's time to pull a bit of a nazi though as I'm gonna keep a closer eye on teams playing (including myself ) and contact those that are falling behind a lot quicker.
  4. Wheres the bow smiley man this deserves it. HUUGE
  5. Evan said it well, but I need to apologize on my own part as I've found myself behind in many of my commitements this year and I've been working to catch back up. Evan has covered my ass numerous times and things are finally starting to return back to normal. I think there's enough time to salvage the season, and the one coming up next will hopefully run smoother as we will have a bigger list of consistently active players. Again I apologize as I feel like I failed you guys a bit, but I'm committed to visiting the site and responding to emails daily until the end of the season. Those promised Stanley Cups will also make an appearance this time around so hopefully I can finally repent and be forgiven
  6. Damn its been quiet around here guys, and I apologize on my part as I have been letting myself get buried by other stuff rather than idling on AIM more often and I'm going to have to chagne that. Just a quick update though as I'm in the process of emailing a few guys who have been no shows thus far. It's important that we get some fresh faces in as we now have a 2 week deadline to try and finish up the first 20 games of the season. Real kudos to deer and a few other guys who have managed to knock off a bunch already though and we just need to keep that going I also need to apologize for the promised stanely cups as they are currently sitting on my fireplace in a 3/4 finished state. I'm going to give it all another go and see if we can't get it out to the champions in decent time. Ok hot damn am I tired so I sleep now but talk to you guys soon.
  7. Guys I don't want to be the mother here but please, it needs to stop. Every thread on this forum is an advertisement for people looking into our league, and a flame war isn't going to help build any sort of community. Since the beginning of all the internets there has been people who disagree or have a tougher time getting along with eachother, but frankly, it doesnt need to showup here. I don't think we need to get into the habit of editing posts or locking threads, but I will talk to certain members about the problem. If it persists, we'll have to work out another solution . I don't expect everyone to be best friends but we are men who love nhl94 and that love binds us together. If you have a complaint about a certain user, please forward it to either Evan or myself and I promise that we will look into it. Either way the cleaner we can keep these forums the better for all of us in the long run i think /mother
  8. BIFFY MUCH LOVE BUT WE CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE TEAMS FOR THIS SEASON [sorry man i wanted to type in caps really bad]. The database has been setup already and itd have to be rebuilt to accomodate more teams so we'll stick with the 18 this time around. Next season though definately add those guys in as i like to have a full 20 team roster to give some spanks to too.
  9. Deer I'm gonna answer your questions now! 1. We had hoped to have an even 20 in both the A and B but there just wasn't even registrations to fill up all the spots. It mad me sad not to see some of the old guys return especially Deathand and BSDaemon . Thomas had talked about playing this season but he's in the process of moving down to Toronto for school (RIP he will be missed :tears:) so look for him to return with the jets next time around. 2. Hmm I seemed to have answered 2 questions with 1 paragraph. I AM KING YOU MAY BOW.
  10. First off; apologies to everyone for taking so long to get a list up, but I was just waiting to hear back from a few different men. The following list is fairly final, as we are quickly approaching the new season and any revisions will be more difficult to make the closer it is. If you believe any changes do need to be made please feel free to contact me and I'll see what can be done. Ok enough though b/c here's what you need: Coach Name - Team - AIM LEVEL A 01 Patrick - NY Rangers - g0dsmack2k6 02 Mike - Chicago - energymike4 03 The Deer - Quebec - thedeer1982 04 Mat Schwartz – Hartford - schwartz124 05 McMarkis - Philadelphia - McMarkis 06 the94kid - Pittsburgh - thecaperkid23 07 Slimeball - Edmonton - madslimeball 08 shakazuzu - Montreal - shakazuzu 09 IamBlurb - Buffalo - IamBlurb 10 Lethal - Calgary - Lethal Enright 11 Blazer - Vancouver - blazernhl94 12 JotaC - St. Louis -jotacnhl94 13 Rudy - Detroit - rudy289320 14 Fenty - Los Angeles - fenty62 15 pokerchamp - Winnipeg - pokrchamp19 CONFIRMED 16 Smack - Dallas - SmackNHL94 17 cajanek - Washington -cajanek26 18 Fatty – Boston - FatBstrd731 Coach Name - Team - AIM LEVEL B Please note that all new/first time coaches MUST play a game against a veteran from last year. This is important to ensure that everyone will be able to connect with one another, and your registration will not be complete without having played such a game. Veterans: you may indicate who you have been able to play in this thread or you can contact me directly. 01 Scott - Montreal - sb71568 02 Soloman - NY Rangers - fungluttonjr 03 Shak - Pittsburgh - wardog54 04 JesusZ - Winnipeg - JesusZwicker 05 Michel Therrien - Detroit - clon3man 06 PaulCoffeysSon - Philadelphia - PaulCoffeysSon 07 shaggrocks - Dallas - twitchob 08 Lok3n - Chicago - clevelandrag 09 Mike&Nic - Quebec - Mike&Nic 10 Mark - Edmonton - HappyValleyPsu1 11 Auggie - Los Angeles - MikeAuggie 12 Matthew Boyd - Toronto - DrakhanRahl 13 max31 - Calgary -(not yet) Please get as soon as possible 14 Coach Dominic - Buffalo - bostonsucks952 15 Steve Avallone – Vancouver –dksfdhgfkjffjg 16 Skipper – St. Louis - thetaxman33 CONFIRMED 17 Christian – San Jose - xtreme340 CONFIRMED 18 stalakosa - Boston - stalakosa CONFIRMED Ok I think that should be it guys and I am seriously looking forward to September 2nd. Better practice up boys because the Whalers are hungry for the cup already.
  11. Fatty I just sent your ass a pm and if you could get back to me sometime tonight tahtd be great. I'm just finishing up the list and will have it posted tonight and I hope we can get you on it.
  12. Smack my entire body just went out of control when I read this. I just ordered a G6 lite and this is the first mafvcking thing im gonna put on it. Bless your ass man forever and ever thankyou!
  13. From what Evans said it sounds like the GENS league has filled up quite a bit faster and once a few more SNES applications roll in we can quickly sort them and put up a list. I can't promise a particular date but i figure there should be something by the end of the week
  14. Ohhh rocco them be gens vs snes fighting words i think I am too cheering hard though for a few games played tonight so boys lets make the magic!
  15. Awesome stuff guys and exactly what I was looking to hear.
  16. Yup its all pretty much been said already but a race registration still seems to be the most fair way to go about it, even if it isnt perfect. I am pumped to see things already moving to get started back up but my only concern is the opening dates falling on the long weekend as someone already mentioned. I know I myself will be away ( ) and I'd be willing to bet that more than a few canucks are in the same boat. I'll try to talk to evan sometime this week and see if we cant figure something out
  17. Hey guys first off sorry for being a stranger around here lately but like a driver of a large white windowless van, I have been watching you guys and the site from the secrecy of the shadows for the past few weeks. . I've been spending some time thinking about next season and any ways to make the league and community increase in awesomeness factor, and although I haven't talked to Evan about any of this yet, I wanted to see what you thought about the idea of adding some sort of prize(s) for first place or the top few spots in each respective division. Prizes are generally great things but I wan't to be careful about possibly throwing off the level of sportsmanship I've seen from pretty much every player I've bumped into; that is to say that sometimes its easier for some people to be more honest when there isn't a bit of money involved. So that is why I come to you, the nhl94online community, with this question: should we consider the possibility of adding prizes in the upcoming seasons? As far as the prizes themselves go I have a few ideas (esp. for the SNES division) including neat stuff like complete in box copies of nhl94, snes multitaps, wireless controllers, snes to usb smartjoy adapters, misc signed hockey merch etc. I think it would be best to offer the prizes as different items rather than straight money, although if there is a response for that its always an interesting idea. I think we also have a few differnet options when it comes to putting together some money or a collection of prizes themselves. I'd dig into the bank account for this one I give you that promise. We could also possibly add some sort of paypal link on the website where people can donate a few bucks here and there. Finally [and maybe unlikely but still something I'd try] is to contact companies like EA and see if there's anything they could contribute. I don't think EA is exactly well known for doing that sort of thing but we are awesome and if EA can appreciate how awesome we are you never know So there you have it boys; bad idea or good I'm not entirely sure but if nothing else I'll at least get the excitement that comes with seeing replies in my thread and reading them throughout the work day EDIT: I should mention too that these prizes would be seperate from the customized stanley cups sent out to the champions in both divisions
  18. NEVER QUESTION THE PASSION OF SNES NHL94 PLAYERS MAN. WE CAN MAKE LOVE TO 100 BEAUTIFUL WOMEN IN A NIGHT AND STILL WIN THE CUP IN A NIGHT. I do agree though as we've seem to lost some of our guys along the way and I think it may be coming down to the time when we just need to throw in some forfeits for the no shows. I commend the men who have managed to play some games and hopefully if all goes well, they can finish off their series by this weekend. I'm going through the list of those MIA and so far it seems that Winnipeg is the only one who has let me know that he will not be able to play in the playoffs this year. This is a poor place to get the message to you though Evan so I'll PM you the next time we bump into eachother online, or fire off an email
  19. Great post Deer and I am anticipating the day you get your controller rocking and start the playoff run Buffalo vs Montreal HUUUUUGE. I don't even know what other word I can use and repeat the letters with to emphasize what a win this is for blurb. The brother rivalry is gonna run hot but after talking with him in a recent exhibition, all 3 brothers in the house (shaka, blurb, slimeball) are all fairly equal and if anyone knows Shakazuzu's tricks its gotta be someone with the same blood RUNNING THROUGH THEIR VEINS!?!? I'm looking for Montreal to step up the offence in the coming game but this is gonna be a tough and long series you can quote me out that. NYR vs Hartford I wish there was more games to talk about but I'm gonna have to be content with discussing my own series with terry. HE's POWEFUL. His offense is explosive like a combination of ADD + sugar. When he's hot you spend 3/4 of the game just defending your net nevermind getting some opportunities on the other side of the rink. Game 1 was me being a lucky ass. Game 2 was closer to the level of skill we both have and Game 3 was AWESOME. I don't want to take anything away from Terry b/c he's playing some great hockey, but I managed to go through the 1st period and part of the 2nd with a constant 2-3 guys in the box and came out of it all with a 3-1 loss. Again not to be down on terry but I need to make love to that post tonight in hopes that more of my big opportunities will find net instead of the iron. I'm gonna do my best to make this one a series but Game 4 is gonna be a big one tonight .
  20. I don't mean to hijack evans other thread but it seems that every post in there so far has been GENS guys so I thought it might make some sense to seperate the 2 if for nothing else then to make the vote tallying a bit easier :|. I'm gonna be a miser and copy pretty much all of Evans post directly but I wanted to say a quick thanks for this season so far. I know I've made posts about it in the past but this league is really something that continues to give me just an assload of fun everytime I sit down to read the forums or play some games and I have a big appreciation for you guys. Ok time for the award categories! Evan: Just copy and paste the Award names into your reply with your pick after. Then I'll tally up the results at the end of playoffs so we can give out the Awards. EXAMPLE: Best Overall Coach Of the Season - Evan (hehe) Here are the Awards voted by the coaches: Best Overall Coach Of the Season - Best Sportsmanship Coach - Best One-Timer Coach - Best Deke Coach - Best Slapshot Coach - Best Defensive Coach - Best Offensive Coach - Most Improved Coach - Best Far-Better-Than-Their-Actual-Record Coach - Best Replacement Coach - Coach Who Stuck It Out Through The Hard Times - Most Hardware Broken During The Season -
  21. BOOYAH JOHNNY welcome to nhl94online.com and have a good stay man. A lot of the SNES guys seem to be MIA lately but I'm hoping that as we come down to the playoffs and Deer gets his ass a new controller things will fire back up. In the meantime I'll be waiting on AIM for our exhibitions
  22. Rocco I think I'm with you on this one as a full draft like that would make for pretty much the fairest teams possible. Having said that there's something I like about having the original rosters, and I think it is simply that its always been what I've grown up on. I know that Verbeek is going to be slow as ass, but I'm gonna deke your pants off anyhow I know your question is in the hypothetical realm, but in order to make something like that a possibilty itd take a hell of a lot of work; both coding the java applet you suggested and then modifying the rom to give each team the proper players. Definately an interesting idea though man.
  23. Just wanted to give you guys a quick update on WPG's status; his house just got the wireless which means a router which means painful hours of sweat and blood which may hopefully be offset by free beer for going over there to fix it up! He be back in the next week for sure.
  24. Here's a formal welcome to the league man and I'm looking forward to getting in a few games with you . If you want a game, feel free to pm me anytime man and then ITS ON!1!!!! . I be hartford by the way, and Ottawa vs. Hartford sounds like a legendary game no matter how you look at it . AIM: schwartz124 MSN: poo_collins@hotmail.com Again man welcome to the league and have a good rest of the season!
  25. First off guys I want to apologize for being a stranger the past few weeks, but after finally making sweet love to my last exam of the year I will definately be around more often throughout summer. As Evan mentioned earlier, we are going through a few more roster switches, in hopes of finishing up the season and moving into playoffs with a group of guys who can be avaliable for their games. Ottawa (Asim) and Dallas (schwabe) are in the process of being replaced, and although I'm hoping thats the only changes we'll have to make, I was hoping that you guys might be able to let me know about any other coaches that haven't been around much. Again I apologize for proly being right in the middle of that group, but by putting together a list of inactive coaches we'd be able to contact those players and consider replacing them if need be. I myself havent seen much of ANA, BUF, or NYI , but hopefully someone can confirm that. Ok thanks for your time boys and see your ass on the ice
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