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  1. Hi, Just tried opening this in Nose and it says 'Specified file does not appear to be a supported rom'. Any ideas?
  2. My NHL Season d-book 2011-12 is available for download via Mediafire A Schedule and Scoresheet for the NHL season 2011-12 written in EXCEL Just enter the results in the Fixtures sheet and the workbook will show: Team Schedule Select a team and view all fixtures and results for that team, plus current positions in division and conference, win/loss, longest winning and losing streaks and team logo. Season Tables Current division and conference standings, along with 'If the Playoffs started today' tree Select a team from the drop down to highlight that teams position in the standings Calendar Click on a date and the games for that day will be displayed, along with how the teams stood in the conference standings on that day. Also displays current East and West leaders and Presidents Trophy leaders Playoffs Displays playoff tree where top 8 teams in each conference are shown Enter best of 7 scores and teams will be reseeded and shown in next round, right through to the Stanley Cup Final Please note: This is a macro-enabled worksheet as the Team Schedule selector and Calendar function rely on Visual Basic code to work There are 2 versions, one with no fixtures entered, one with fixtures entered up to 1 Nov 2011 NHL Season dbook 2011 12 No Fixtures entered.rar http://www.mediafire.com/?skcf2gmaxfd8m5f NHL Season dbook 2011 12 fixtures 1 Nov 2011.rar http://www.mediafire.com/?jrv86iudqezexf9 Download size - 9mb Written for Excel 2007 / 2010, formatting will vary if opened in any previous versions pcroppier@hotmail.com
  3. Hi all, I have created a desktop Stanley Cup History book for PC users. The book is in excel 2007 format (a link to a free viewer is available in the file) and will not work correctly in any other version of excel. This demo only displays 4 years of the NHL, 1930, 1950, 1983 and 2008, the full version will contain the years 1927 to present, and much more. There is a help guide on using the dbook on page 1 of the book. You can easily navigate around the dbook by clicking on the text boxes on screen, and via the work sheet tabs at the bottom of the screen I am very interested in getting some feedback of what people think of this. I am currently trying to get licensing from the nhl for the full version to use the logos etc. The full file will hopefully be for sale via my website (under construction) in the near future, for between $3 - $6 I know this information is available for free in many web pages but this is a new way to present the info in a more visually pleasing way, and without having to rely on internet connection, access etc! Please Note - this file has been scanned for viruses and is clean, and contains no macros. Regards Pete NHL_Stanley_Cup_dbook_DEMO.rar
  4. Hi, does anyone know where I can find playoff scorers and goal times for Stanley Cup playoff games. NHL.com has them up to 2004, but doeas anyone know of a publication or site where I can find them pre 2004? Thanks
  5. This has gone down better than I expected! To answer some questions, its the 94 rom. The B button hasnt been disabled, I wouldnt know where to start on that one! There are some graphical mistakes, like the glove at the face off (!) and also sometimes a rogue stick appears when you score. Id like to change the penalty ref box but it doesnt appear to be accessible in the ROM. Id like to change the sprites slightly so they look upright! But its a lot of work, I am thinking of doing more teams though, a best of europe, and maybe an international ROM.
  6. Ill probably get chased off the boards for this but I love messing around with this game so decided to try creating 6 aside soccer! It contains some reworked sprites (not much tho, too much work!!), pitch, ball etc, and have included 30 teams from the UK premiership and championship football leagues. There are 6 players (with cards) per team (so keep those line changes off!) and new screens, badges etc. Ill go and hide now...! 6_Aside_Soccer.bin
  7. Ha, well, funny you should say that.....
  8. Does anyone know if its possible to change the number of periods from 3 to 2??
  9. Hi, Ive made a UK Ice Hockey Rom featuring the 10 teams from the Elite Ice Hockey League, and the 10 from the English Premier League. Ive had to be creative with some of the home kits as they use the same pallette as the on-ice logo. Ive also evened out the player stats too, but these can all be edited in NOSE, as can the playoff data. You can set the Elite league against the english premier league with the winners meeting in the final. Feel free to edit the rom further, I dont know much about the teams or players in the leagues but thought id represent the good ol UK with this rom! PS. Anyone know how to edit the stanley cup image from the playoff tree? UKHockey.bin
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