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  1. newjerseykiller, please log our game from earlier tonight. Maybe I'm the only one who finds it rude when coaches just leave without logging cause they lost the game. 8-1. please log it. appreciate it.

    IMO, it should be an unspoken rule that you log immediately after the game is over. Have the score box open and your first move as soon as the game ends is to log it. End of story.

  2. I'm not a big fan of running up the score in league, i will in exhibition though. The crease cuts are definitely not the most annoying thing in the game.

    Rocco, I totally understand where you're coming from. And in one of the first leagues I chose Tampa as my team. I ended up with a 500 record that year. But I'm here to win and stay competitive, not EVERY 'good' player will pick a shitty team, so if I took the 'bad' team route again, I wouldnt be able to compete.

    All that needs to happen here is for the 'new' 'bottom rung' players to practice, practice, practice, practice, lose, learn, etc and then we'll build an awesome pool of ALL awesome players.

  3. A bit of an update...

    My goal was to have this done by the start of the Stanley Cup Playoffs with the worst case scenario having it ready by the start of the Finals. I am still shooting for the start of the Playoffs but I'm not sure how realistic this will be. I have everything pretty much done with the exception of the rosters and the player cards. I have started the rosters and I have about 8 teams done (of course I'm going to need to double check each team and make a few changes after the trade deadline which is approaching). Those of you that hex edit will know that doing the rosters is an extremely time-consuming process. The pace at which I have been working at (2 teams a day after I get home from my day job), has burned me out. I'd rather delay the game a few weeks if it means doing more of a quality job. Like I said, I'm shooting for the start of the playoffs, but realistically, we are probably looking at the 2nd or 3rd round. I will continue to show the overall progress in my signatures.

    In other news, I plan on releasing this as a patch, which will convert the original NHL94 ISO into NHL MMVII. It will require downloading a certain patching utility called Ninja, but overall, it will be worth it since the patch itself is actually less than 1MB. I still haven't worked out as good of a solution for distributing the audio files, but I suspect that I'll be able to patch those as well with some tinkering. Stay tuned...

    Hey Chris, it's Ben from back in the old skool editing days. I'm happy to see you're still chugging along with the editing. Your newest creation looks huge. I look forward to the final product and would be willing to help ya out if needed.

  4. i hope u boys have been working on ur game and im not talking bout NHlL94

    cant wait to get these playoffs started .......r u ever gonna finished up this league ......

    On the interview that Evan had ..........i think the funniest thing i heard was when the host actually thought pausing game made shot go slower and Evan said i think u may have found a bug knowing full well host had no idea what was going on ..........

    Kgman is still the king of the mountain and nobody has step up to get me off ....i been on there so long the gov't is think about charging me property taxes...........hahahhahah

    Fix your internet connection/PC problems then play some lag free matches with us and we'll decide who the king of the mountain is.

  5. Um...they are very, VERY strict against one person controlling more than one team, and if you get caught you WILL lose both teams. I would highly recommend divesting yourself of one or the other. You're supposed to sign up for the country in which you're currently located, for what it's worth.

    I didn't know it was an issue to have teams in separate countries...i don't know how to remove either one since I havent been given a spot yet... how long is the waiting list usually? havent gotten a response yet.. whats the big deal anyway?

  6. Sweden, because they always win. :D

    Wanna play a friendly next week? I don't have the Netherlands flag yet.

    This looks awesome. I just signed up and I'm on a waiting list of 26 people.. 50 got added yesterday so I assume I'll be added soon.

    I'm in 2 leagues, the canadian and usa my teams are:





  7. yes its about time to get ready to rumble..

    caseclosed/crossbar is another possible team yet to be confirmed... schedule will be ready soon

    only thing to be determined is if the goalie ratings in the nhl942on2.bin should be increased

    I'm in54time.. i'll be with evan.... are we doing it where every team has the same players with ratings and all? if so, i pick edmonton for us.

  8. To be honest, I don't really understand why it's so important to see who is 'the best.' If the league has established anything, it's that no one is that much better than anyone else, and many games are decided simply by chance because the players are basically equally skilled. I really couldn't care less whether I am the best NHL 94 player in the world, 4th best, 17th best, or 89,176th best--I play the league because it's fun, not to prove anything.

    It's not important but in a competitive league I think it's fair game to discuss such a topic. I saw the thread so I figured I'd throw in my opinion. I agree I come here for 75% fun and about 25% for competitive gaming.

    I PvP in World of Warcraft to strut my skills.

  9. As long as goal differential is a tiebreaker, people (including myself) will attempt to score.

    I really wish we could all sit down and play on console with no lag, no odd fram rates and just go at it to see who it really is. I still think the best players are tick, tk, backhand, crossbar and myself.

  10. Bob Beers? He is actually pretty good for a lower tier team IMO. (and gotta love that last name too!) :)Bob Beers? He is actually pretty good for a lower tier team IMO. (and gotta love that last name too!) :dal_skater_hand_grab:

    As for worst players? wow. There is simply way too many dumpy players too count. Just look at the bench at some of the weaker teams. I don't even know where to start.

    shawn chambers, greg smyth, etc.

  11. I dont got AIM but ill play you on monday or tuesday to ill msg you on this site and show you who the best is.

    You should probably download AIM if you want to compete in the league. No one is going to pay attention or go out of their way to schedule games if ur not on AIM - at least I know I won't.

    It's a 5 second download and a 5 second install. Join the community and show us how good you are.

  12. If this is the sign-up, count me in. I don't have anyone I want to play with in particular, so I'm easy that way. The only thing is that I seem to be far away from the rest of you, therefore the ping is high. If you're willing to play with a high pinger I'm game.

    The biggest problem will be getting 4 people online at the same time. The best thing to do may be to decide on a night, see who shows up and improv a tourney format. I'm willing to do this, as I've done lots of formats for different amounts of players. Or we could set up an informal "league" where we meet and play for fun on any given night (or weekend afternoon, if that's when people are available).

    There it is. Let's get this party started.

    I'm in

  13. As a proud owner of the Center Ice package on DirecTV I often find myself overwhelmed with too many good games to watch. Even with a DVR it can get tricky. The forum that you are about to goto (you MUST register to see whats available, takes 2 seconds) has pretty much every NHL game available from this season to download in divx format (viewable in divx player). Not only that but they are putting quite a collection together of International leagues like the Russian Super League (Ovechkin, Malkin) Swedish Elite League, etc. Also, they have lots of coverage from the past Winter Olympics (lots of CBC broadcasts, the best!)

    Don't pass this up just because you have to do a 30 second registration. Just like this community lets try and make this new and exciting one grow. If you are up to speed on all the latest technology to record games from your TV, compress in the format they have been doing and familiar with Torrents, get involved!


  14. I LOVE THIS SHOT! Hehe.. and Ben would agree... it's a great feeling to get this in.. just hold down C and shoot low. Guy has to have a pretty hard shot for it to go in.

    The percentage of those 5 hole slap shots increases on either wing right after the blue line... i like to line up with gary roberts, khristich, sandstrom, etc.. if they are on LW make sure they have a lefty shot...and same for RW.... hold C and hold down as well

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