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  1. I just wanted to say that, as of recently, I have picked up a newfound appreciation for your signature. Specifically, the very bottom of it. Cheers to ya.

    1. IceStorm70


      Ignore trudatman sig? Yes highly recommended tho i peak once in awhile lol

  2. Badass avatar. TubaHero approves.

  3. Chris, you are poop. From Sam :D

  4. ...and proud of it.

  5. AJ is a genius-type man. If NHL 94 was a trilogy of movies, AJ would have watched all three many times and could quote any line at will, including the credits.

  6. This man is a failure...lol.

  7. ling-ling the magic panda...

  8. my mom sends her love and wants me to tell you to stop forgetting the damn condoms... whatever that means

  9. time my stoppages better, and perhaps consult with my mother on appropriate behavior while i am playing 94.

    yours truly,


  10. Dear donnybrook,

    i would just like to apoligize for my poor etiquitte displayed earlier this evening. my pausing of the game during your scoring chance was fully inexcusable. unforetunatly, my mother interupted me to pack for my trip for the fourth consecutive time, this time in quite a shrill voice, and me being 14, i felt the need to comply. i realize that next time i should try and t

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