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  1. lol, that was an accident i gotta reset that/
  2. Hey guys, so listen.. NHL 94 for the Super Nintendo has always been my favorite pick, and i like the game alot, so I was wondering if anyone wanted to work together with me on a 2010-11 Season rom. I can cover banners, and jerseys. But i need someone to be able to take the time to make rosters, and rank players evenly. If anyones up for it, comment on this forum. thanks
  3. This is my Minor League A1 Hockey in Manitoba, there is only 1 team with a real roster, because theyre the only team online that i can actually find publically. Thanks alot to Slapshot67, who edited logos, jerseys, and creases. It helped alot and with his help, I made my first good game.
  4. hey check the one at the top now, this is the final rom
  5. BenLittle


    I Had alot of free time today, so i decided to make a NEW league, the Canadian Elite Hockey League. It features 24 teams in 4 divisions, including 4 all-division teams. The Pacific division consists of teams from Alberta and Vancouver, the Prairie Division consists of teams from Saskatchewan and Manitoba, the Capital division consists of all Ontario teams, and the Atlantic Division consists of teams from Quebec and Maritimes Provinces. I Edited the rink and fans to look like one of the teams colors, and i'm excited to get playing this. Since the teams are non-fictional, the rosters are just
  6. Hey guys, so I made a memorial cup bin with 5 teams.. since St. John and Moncton are still playing. Saint John does not have their roster bcause they're getting dominated, and tri-cities is just not included cuz calgary's goint to win. But every team, Brandon, Calgary, Windsor, and Moncton, have full team rosters, and numbers. And i only made it possible to select 5 teams in this game, using the EA Rom Editor, so try it out, see wat u think... i played it alot last night, id u ignore the rink logo, the game is actully pretty cool. BenLittle Memorial_Cup_2010.bin
  7. There hasnt been a 52 team NHL 94 rom released yet.. i could make one with 10 canadian teams from each league.. but id have to decide who..
  8. ok if u finish editing that stuff, let me kno, if not.. then this was completely pointless haha
  9. Hey guys. This is going to be my first public edit of a game, I made one with slaphsot67 of my own league. So a 52 team NHL 93 rom was recently posted, and i wanted to do something with it. Incredibly, in the CHL, there are exactly 52 CANADIAN teams, so I can cover the jerseys, and rosters will take big time.. unfortunately, i cant edit rink logos, team banners, startup screen, etc,. i can do jerseys, and rosters. Anyone wanna help out? unfortunately i cant release a date right now of when it'll finish, cuz i have no clue haha, so check it out, see what you think, see if u guys want to help
  10. want a game?

    look me up on AIM benszy97