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  1. I think you would normally just confirm it in the playoff section. you need to confirm all 3. Then I can confirm your two home games. Cheers.
  2. HAR 4, STL 3 HAR 5, STL 2 STL 2, HAR 5 I'm not 100% sure of the final score of game two. Anyway if you can log these, I'm sure Perennial Choker can confirm the game 2 score. Cheers, Kaykills
  3. Choker let's play tonight.... I should be online most of the evening. Msg me.
  4. Trying... I've been online all week trying to get my series done.
  5. brother, send me a message when you're online.....
  6. Perennial Choker, I'm usually available around 4-5pm eastern most days during the week. I've added you on AIM but can't see if you're online at all. Msg me when you're ready as I'm online most of the day. Cheers, Kaykills
  7. Of note also we couldn't add our scores as of Monday night so hopefully someone can add them.
  8. yeah it's my fault we were over the deadline. The scores are correct. I'll see what I can do about getting a pc in the house as my playing time got limited to afternoons at work, which was dangerous at times. I'm gonna download a mac emulator and run a couple test games with someone using GENS. I doubt it will sync but it wouldn't hurt to try... anyway thanks for including the games. It was a long and frustrating season.
  9. Cheers... had a blast. Hopefully my 3 games today get counted in the standings. It's hard to find guys towards the end. I also take pride in the fact that I contributed 27 goals towards Carse's goals record!
  10. I haven't been. Sorry dude. I'm trying to finish my games at work now as I don't have a PC at home anymore. I'm online all day during the day so if you do get online let me know and if nobody is here we can finish.
  11. I'm looking for him too. I think he's abandoned ship.
  12. All that's left is Kupuck who I don't think I've ever seen online and RedWingDevil.... than this nightmare of a season can end.. St. Louis is the worst of the worst......
  13. Carse nice games yesterday.... still looking for RedWingDevil, kupuck19 and hokkeefan2.... Don't ever see the latter two online, but pls msg me if you have a chance.... RedWingDevil we'll get it done this week.
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