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  1. Id like a test game add me AIM: melbridgman1pick
  2. Id like a test game add me AIM: melbridgman1pick
  3. Hey im new and would like to play some games to test out my gens and snes online play. add me on AIM: melbridgman1pick
  4. those are some nice goals but you know what id like to see is a highlite reel of greatest computer goals scored against...hahaha
  5. Hey thanks man that did the trick, i changed it to 16-bit and it works fine now who wants to play?
  6. I have the latest driver on my laptop already. Anyone have any other ideas? Why would the gens emualtor work while the snes emualtor wont...
  7. Ok so I downloaded the files on my pc and it worked with no problems, but now ive downloaded the same file onto my laptop and when I run the emulator all I get is a black screen? any ideas? I am using a pentium 3 1.13ghz 512mb ram ibm thinkpad laptop original graphics card and all that. Thanks Just an update that I installed the gens emulator witout changing any of my laptop settings and the gens emulator works fine.