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  1. Yeah the bundle is on sale too now $32.50 - 50% off
  2. NHL21 is on-sale for $30 on Xbox. the bundle with Rewind is something like $32.75
  3. with online play and a Switch version, yes (although $20 would be a much friendlier price)
  4. NHL 21 $35 NHL 94 Bundle $65're trying to tell me 94 Rewind is worth $30? haha. WTF is wrong with this company?
  5. Saw this on Puck Daddy's blog. Thought I'd pass it along.
  6. murph

    NHL 07

    you guys did such a great job, i blogged about the updated ROM today
  7. hey what's up with that league? do you need peeps? what happened to the forums on the OSHL site? the link doesn't work anymore. i was trying to find more information.
  8. i might have time. who would you want them playing against?
  9. murph

    NHL 07

    OK. i have the right (latest) version now. but the main menu screen is all messed up and the ROM won't play for me.
  10. murph

    NHL 07

    how can i tell if i have the latest version? DP is not the Isles starter Crosby is not on Pens line 1 there are 2 #8 on Washington (Ovie and someone else)
  11. murph

    NHL 07

    all i have to say is wow! is the latest version the one?
  12. i did a desktop version too. islanders/rangers