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  1. yeah, i'll probably start it back up. thats kinda why i was working on the roster viewer, so that i can populate the OSHL DB automatically. Now that thats working, i'll work on the site a bit.
  2. Hey Guys, not sure if anyone would be interested in this, but i have created an online roster viewer. You can upload your .bin file and it will spit out the rosters and lines. You can get to it here Currently, Genesis roms only. Works with roms based off of the original NHL94 version or any of the roms based off of wboys 30 team hack. (NHL2009.bin etc.) Thanks to wboy for his help and guidance.
  3. for sure its possible. over at the 2on2 league, we're using this system, with all the games accumulating into a mysql database. 2on2 League on a personal stats level, it would require a little more tweaking, but it would be possible.
  4. hey mate, i did something a while back. just upload your game state file!
  5. this font is very close also
  6. hey, guys, i updated the info on the front page for you.
  7. hey guys, the stats extractor now works with Swos & Mahavishnu's 2007 ROM. (Oct 13,06) take care.
  8. the OSHL is just a simulated league. i thought it would be interesting to see how a full season played out in NHL94. I play a few games here and there, but thats about it. if someone wanted to start a league based on my template, i would gladly help out with the database/programming stuff.
  9. i have addded support for the original NHL94 ROM to my stats extractor. It can be found here It also has support for Macks 2005-06 Playoff Edition ROM and I will be adding support for Swos & Mahavishnu's 2007 ROM soon. Feedback is always welcome.
  10. i've done the stats exporter in php. See here as well as my league in my footer. all those stats were collected with this system. The non-voteable awards auto tally at the end of the year. i would be willing to help implement this system into some sort of online league.
  11. thanks for the feedback. yes, this should work in netplay (have never tried it out, but i think you need to use v1.62 and do the save alpha). maybe someone can try it out with different versions after a netplay game and let me know. i did some furthur testing and found that it worked with most versions of gens. (tested it in 2.14, 2.11 and GensFE using the quick save method). I do know that it does not work with gens+. i'm not sure what you mean re: "capture replays of goals".
  12. i have created a web page that you can post a gamesave or alpha file to, and it will spit out the game stats to an html page or an excel spreadsheet. there are a couple of notes to use this. 1. You must be using macks most recent rom file. Get it here 2. It doesn't seem to work with gens+ (it was tested and worked in gens 2.14, 2.11, gens fe, and gens 1.62) Instructions: When you finish your game, at the Exit Game screen (scoreboard with the zamboni going by), press F5 to do a quick save, or click file, quick save. Note where the file saved. If you used the quick save method, the sav
  13. hey bud, i have this version of gens that lets you do an avi dump
  14. i love this play also! i do it a lot, it really makes my buddies angry when it works its awesome when you have a guy behind the net and you try to pass it to him, and it goes in.