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  1. So Mack, what kind of treats will you be adding, or would you rather keep it a secret, i just hope you can get rid of that terrible easn logo at center ice.
  2. just wondering if it is possible, if anybody is making it.
  3. I tried to take a look and i am so confused, i want to skip the ASW and ASE teams, please help
  4. thanks wboy, could it be done in NHLPA 93?
  5. does anybody know how to delete teams, any help would be great.
  6. I know wboy has put in alot of time in to this, he built a great editor and great 30 team rom, but if it was meant to be a joke i apologize to wboy, but still there is no need for saying that stuff. I dont want to make enemies here, this is a great community and i would like to see it grow.
  7. hey wboy why you cutting down slapshot67, he is at least trying to help people understnd how TM works. unlike you by not releasing videos or documentation, and dont give me that you have no time to do it because you can always make time. yes there are more important things in life than NHL94 but you always postpone everything. Just do it and get it done.
  8. thanks wboy I can convert the image to 16bit mode but then i am still a little confused on "create a palette with this 16 idenfied colors, then render/dither your image using that palette". I think we should put up some step by step videos, using camtasia or something.
  9. Hey Guys, What is the best way to convert an image into TM. (see pic)
  10. nice job on the rom, just one question, how come all the teams have a grey stripe on their shoulders when you make a jersey color change?