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  1. Sorry chaps, I'm pretty busy with exams right now so won't have the time for '94. Apologies for taking up space in the league, and feel free to replace me if you can find someone else. I look forward eagerly to getting beat by some of you guys once I've got some free time on my hands again...
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  3. Thanks for the reply man... For some reason turning stretch off seems to work in-game, just not in any of the menus. Think I only ever got as far as the menu before switching to KEGA in the past, so never realised that it would work in-game.
  4. Hey guys, looking for some emulator-based wisdom... I know most people on here use the emulator GENS, but I never use it because (as far as I'm aware) it doesn't support a fixed aspect ratio in full screen mode or in an enlarged window. This just means that everything looks elongated on my 16:9 monitor, and it's not that playable. I much prefer KEGA Fusion, which does support fixed aspect ratio full screen (and IMO is just a way better emulator -- loads of video and sound options, including fake scanlines for that authentic look...) -- if you aren't familiar with it, you can get it here: I was just wondering if anyone had had any success playing a netplay game on KEGA against someone who was using GENS? I've tried and failed, but I put this down to my noobishness. Any help would be much appreciated, and, of course, rewarded with many riches.
  5. I'm new, and I suck at '94, but I would love to join, especially with such incredible prizes at stake! AIM is:
  6. Thanks man. For anyone reading, my AIM is , although I just signed up and I'm not sure if that's right or not...
  7. Just joined, looking to see how this all works... Anyone fancy a game?