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  1. BTW for those that want an explanation for philly's vastly superior play in the playoffs, it was because he was using a gamepad of some sort instead of a keyboard. It makes a huge difference as you all know. I don't know much about this one, except that somebody has been mr clutch in the playoffs so far (except for the unfortunate chicago effect).
  2. I hate the sens, but they have a good team. They'll be above .500
  3. we can connect to different people and play fine, neither of u have had problems. We are connecting at 10pm pst not a peak time and considering its 1am for him its about as late as we can go for non peak. I don't think the router is the problem since I am dmz when i play
  4. So PaulCoffeySon and myself are trying to play our second round series, but have unbearable lag between each other. WE can both connect to another player perfectly fine though with almost no lag throughout an entire game. Any suggestions for things to try?
  5. Well we got together only to experience unbearable lag, anybody have any suggestions?
  6. Canadiens have like 4 games in hand on tornot, bing ahead by a point with a team thats only lost 5 or 6 games out of 17 doesn't mean its a better team. I wish toronto was better, but anaheim is. The northwest divsion is somewhat tough with minnesota running away (although slwoing down now) and calgary now rolling and edmonton and vancouver decent, i think the north east has 1 great team two good teams and 2 decent teams (although if ottawa plays liek they did against buffalo more often, they will be a good or great team). I would think the only division that rivals is the Anaheim San Jose Dallas division. Talk about rediculous. BUt the two horrible teams in la and coyotes take away from that. Boston is at .500 and the senators won't be sub .500 for long
  7. Ya i jsut don't see how Buffalo could be below anaheim based on this year and last year. they are number one for a reason. Now if we were talking about it now, I might change my mind. Buffalos division is probably the best in the league, with anaheims a close second (but they do have 2 incredibly weak team where in the northeast ottawa is weak?????along with boston)
  8. those power ranking are sketchy at best. When that was done the sabres should have been on top without a doubt. Now with two losses to ottawa they might be higher. Montreal behind tonrot is a joke as well (although i love toronto) montreal is the better team right now
  9. Well you weren't around last night, not on now, no response on the boards. I'm waiting, but I have alot to do this week. Let me know if you r alive still.
  10. Thought we were playing tonight? That was the word on the street anyways. I'll be checking the boards but not logged on aim. Message Zzyzyvas if I'm not online as well.
  11. 01 Best Overall Coach - Auggie 02 Best Sportsmanship Coach - Zyzzyvas 03 Best One-Timer Coach - Skipper 04 Best Deke Coach - Buccs 05 Best Slapshot Coach - hokkeefan 06 Best Defensive Coach - stalakosa 07 Best Offensive Coach - Auggie 08 Most Improved Coach - MathewBoyd 09 Best Coach With A Low Rated Team - Christian (wins with SJ!!!!) 10 Best Replacement Coach - Zyzzyvas 11 Best Rookie Coach -Zyzzyvas 12 Coach Who Stuck It Out Through The Hard Times - pyl85 (the amount of games with that record who else) Philly shouldn't be most improved coach because these are regular season awards and he didn't play that many games. Sure he beat Boston but thats the playoffs these are for the season. And Christian should be a shoe in for low rated coach based on he won games with San Jose. Any other votes should be for other categories. And BSDaemon, I would assume it would be Calgary, 35 games in 5 days plus 3rd palce in the conference seems good enough for me.
  12. He explained before. Playoffs are worth 80 points (same as regular season). 16 wins wins the cup. 16x5 = 80 Therefore you get 5 points per win (which is then multiplied by a multiplier based on what league you are in.
  13. Can we do power rankings now, mine kinda suck now, but I could get on a playoff roll :P Go me in snes B
  14. Alirght, fresh off the huge upset vs Boston, Philly is off to Buffalo to tke on the sabres and the often unstoppable Lafontaine. Can Philly continue its winning ways and carry its momentum into Buffalo for a quick Philly win? Can Pat Lafontaine and the Sabres continue to be clutch in close games as against Toronto? Will traditional Flyers trash talk on big bodies scare the Sabres into submission? All these questions will be answered in the coming days. PaulCoffeysSon I'll be on aim alot less frequently this week because I have 3 major projects due this week, but I'm sure we can get the games in at some point. My aim is ThePimpImp11 and thats the best way to get in contact with me.
  15. meh they wanted to play, edmonton wasn't available as usual, admins can decide. You cant expect to show up once at a decent time and expect the other person to be waiting with bells on. Although if it was another night things may have been different.
  16. Na he worked over boston a team which went 2-1 vs me and the two victories were sound where the loss was close. I do like the matchup team wise though. Should be an interesting series.
  17. Short of databases, email and forum posts is the best way for results, just not as efficient and the confirmation takes longer
  18. lol ya that would get annoying though since he gets a hat trick 1/2 the time pretty much
  19. To be lame or not to be lame. Boston Pittsburg Buffalo Calgary Chicago Quebec Hartford Philly LA Detroit Toronto Seeing as i'm in B league right now I can't see myself with a pick where I won't get one of those teams
  20. My favourite players to do it with have been Pat Verbeek (renamed "corpse") and Pat Lafontaine (renamed "L corpse"). Its probably why I'm doing ok this season, because Lafontaine is a corpse goal scoring pimp
  21. Once again I think its a database simplicity issue. By doing it one by one, it can stop posting game links once on team gets to 4 wins, which is what i would assume is happening in this situation.
  22. Still picking me over Philly even though we have no previous games and he beat boston in 6???? I think Philly by beating the favorite becomes the new favorite.
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