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  1. By neutral, I'd mean, I don't care who wins between anybody else. I have no stake in anybody's game. I realize you love to draw your lines in the sand, but really, I caught the loudness of your thread the one day and figured I could highlight it and get some good entertainment out of it, which is most certainly has. If you turn into the greatest ever, I'd root for you and enjoy the chaos. By opinion, I believe you didn't go as negative as calling someone a faggot. I get that. I simply wouldn't be surprised to have hostility in a thread where you were changing his name & arguing w/ him about all these ways you could win if he had only 2 buttons and the sun was coming up from the west on a full moon and you were Detroit but he was the ref.. I played Plabax, played Raph, played you. I lost most of those games. I've played more like I used to play lately since I've gotten more games back in and I've beat a lot of the guys I've played, but not the Raphs & Plabaxs, not even close, as it sounds like your games have not been., Given that, your bravado sounds more silly than the kid's retorts to your ALL CAP taunts. Also, Raph's defense is retarded. That belongs in it's own thread, but as in Chuck Norris, should probably be mentioned somehow, someway in all threads.
  2. Well more a family man & not prone to lighting up a forum w/ gay slurs, but I kind of like the Canadian, in your face, yeah I said it, I don't like you, let's drop the gloves even over a video game style. That said, the forum turned negative when Seth started ranting at a 14 yr old, and not even doing it all that well. I've got a 15 yr old son, and thank god he doesn't play this game, because getting my arse kicked by 3 teenagers would send me over the edge, although w/ tomkabs on vacation, I might be able to swallow that pill. Hopefully, the swallow part doesn't get some of you Canadians to riled up. I'm fairly neutral here though. I'm not anti-Seth. Don't want the racist tag on me
  3. I had bok no w.s. in my mind. Learn something new every day...well most. Isn't plabax like 12, and probably not going to understand the cap rage all that well?
  4. Ladies & the few gentlemen who allowed me to join you....thanks. I look forward to it. I've posted around town that I'm a late night player, but figured I'd post it here as well. Seems to be, the more I post-prod-pester, the more games I get in. The more I just sit w/ my AIM open and watch the tube, the less games I get in. Disclaimer....just took over Calgary in Classic A & Detroit in '93 league, and both those teams were behind quite a bit as well, so the 1st week I might not be able to get AS MANY games as I usually would, but I think you can see I'm around enough to not be the issue for playing. Hopefully, I can put numbers worth playing against.
  5. For those looking to play any games, I'll be around tonight & tomorrow, but I'm later in the evening on Thur & Fri. Closer to 11 pm central, pushing 11:30 most times.
  6. Thanks Raph. I checked in w/ everyone I can play games with, but didn't find anyone on. I'm usually around after 10 pm central, sometimes after 11 pm central. I'm off on Wednesday if someone wanted to try arrange a league game on an early time.
  7. Put peanut butter in the old fashion traps, otherwise they end up eating poison and dying somewhere in the house where you can't find them, and 2-3 months later, you'll start to smell the little dead f-ers & still can't find them cause mice can find the darndest places to keel up & die.
  8. Well, that sucks in a way. I'm not an avid post-whistle checker, but I've been known to chase down a celebrating, hand-in-the-air-about-to-be-splattered opponent in my time. Should resurrect that dude. He's like one of those ancient aliens building the pyramids back in the day, and now noone knows how it was done.
  9. Classic B1 -> 420 checks in a season for Mr. Emerson. In Classic A, Yzerman has 330 in about 33 games, so he's pacing the 400 clip. In Classic B2, don't see anyone going near it. I doubt anyone "checks" that often how is checking who! Still, a fun little stat check.
  10. Finally got my last 3 games in w/ dickon, completing my B1 season. Enjoyed it, especially some of the beat downs I got giving me the Blues I'm now officially rooting for noone to get any more games in before the season ends, and watch the chaos ensue!
  11. I'm confused. I count 2, not 7. Maybe there was a big count down I missed, and you deleted the other 5 names but didn't change the headline.
  12. Oh snap-crackle-pop...Philly in the 6th slot in B2. I doubt that's gonna last but should serve as motivation for the slackers below to up their game count. At least I'm playoff bound. I was nervous when I took over the 0-6 & preceded to add to the loss column at a rapid rate.
  13. I'm going to fast forward to the end of the show where the Hawks dance around and hold up the Stanley Cup in victory. This is the year I think Captain O gets the Caps rolling into a Finals appearance only to fall short of the Hawks. * set up for injuries to the Hoss-man, which would end their showtime.
  14. ARGH! Is it top 6 from each conference (meaning bottom 2 losers in each conference is out), or is it just top 12?
  15. Looks like all 12 teams make the post-seaosn in B2. THANK GOD! Just took over 0-6 Philly, and quickly turned things 0-9
  16. 0-6 start to take over....NICE!!! Going to have to get Lindros involved just for the nastalgia. I know, I know, he suxs. B2, I'm around usually after 11 pm central a good bit. Worst days to find me are Thurs, Fri & Sat, as sometimes I'm not available till midnight.
  17. I'm around for any hockey if someone wants to. On AIM @ brutus.khan , with a period between the brutus & the khan.
  18. Memory had me signing up for this wait list, but I don't see the post, nor do I see my name, so I'll assume I was confused as usual. Please toss me on the wait list.
  19. Anyone around for any league hockey?
  20. Anybody around for league hockey?
  21. Cheap fix is a good pair of polarized shades. Does wonders for the streaks & glares.
  22. Ok. Didn't realize you had to register if you were already registered. Do I stay in the 3 slot on the technicality or go back to the 2nd slot in the waiting list?
  23. Toss me on any waiting list for Classic B2 or A (if you'd have me) if one position pops open. I'm open for more games. On enough to handle extra games.
  24. Can't find a league game, but will settle for some exhib if someone is around.