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  1. I'm uploading the Draft Video now. Once Raph has the Google Sheet finished up, we can go ahead and start the draft.
  2. Please DM me in discord. I messaged you there. Need some info to put you in a draft league, else we get stuck waiting a day plus for someone to randomly show up & pick.
  3. Raph said he's doing the ROM, so any classic or modern team(s) work for team selection
  4. Post your team here. FOR THOSE NEW to drafts, we reset ALL home/away advantages. Team selection is basically just for uniforms/logos. You will draft a custom roster from the NHL94 player pool. IF no one wants the Blackhawks, I'll take them. BUT, I am happy to switch off. #1 Brutus - Chicago #2 FPB - Quebec #3 AJ - Allstar West #4 Kuefner - NY Islanders #5 Leif - Minnesota NORTH Stars #6 Jer - Toronto #7 Raph - Anaheim #8 Tex - Dallas Stars #9 MikeG - Hartford Whalers #10 Chaos - Calgary #11 J&J - Tampa #12 Atomic - Hamilton #13 Aq
  5. OK, I have mentioned 2 team draft, but we are up to 18 teams (16 confirmed), so we will only be drafting ONE team each. HOWEVER, we will be doing a FULL roster draft, all 12 forwards, 6 defenders and 2 goalies. This will enable Line Changes ON for Exi's, and a possible MID-SEASON Tourney I am thinking of doing using Line Changes in the rules. ALSO, this will setup A level coaches to use their "B" squad vs B coaches A teams, and even out the playing field during the regular season.
  6. 1.Tex - in 2. MikeG- in 3. Dickon - in 4. Atomic In 5. Aqua - In 6. AJ - In 7. J&J - in 8. FPB - in 9. Brutus - in 10. Ice - in 11. Raph - in 12. Kuefner - in 13. LeifErikson - in 14. Jer - in 15. Chaos - in 16. GoKanes21- in 17. Schmidt - in 18. Zep - in
  7. Great tourney Trojan. I caught some of it here & there while stuck at work via twitch. Definitely had a real smooth flow/feel to it all while i was watching and reading some comments on Discord. Raph picking up on EA's flaw was a cool thing, like listening to Romo breakdown the Pats vs Chiefs in the AFC Championship game. Your kid wasn't afraid of the mic for sure! Grade it with the curve for being 11, and he was an A+. However, your commentary didn't need a curve. Solid A+. Thanks for streaming it all.
  8. Day drinking is SERIOUSLY underrated.
  9. Christmas is over, but all of you have that Santa song ringing in your heads still I'm sure. So here's something else to torture you with. You better watch out Bet your butt you will cry Don't bother to pout Cause I'm not a nice guy Brutus & Mogs are coming to town. I've made my hit list I've checked it twice I'm getting some naughty time on the ice Brutus & Mogs are coming to town I know why you are hiding Play your games byatches!!!! I know if you have zero games played So play your games byatches!!! Let's GA! I'll be around LA
  10. I could have sworn I saw 3 penalties in a game recently where I got 1 penalty, but my opponent also got two at the same time. I think there were already 2 guys in the box, so it ended up with 4 in the box for him, and 1 for me, so it was 4 on 3 for 1 min (it was Et Tu Brute ROM). I could be wrong though. Drinking was involved Anyone else ever have multiple penalties from both teams?
  11. I would always vote for myself, because that's just me Unless Halifax was on the ballot, then I'd have a real tough choice. The fact he's not on the ballot, forces me to abstain from the above selection. Chaos has tried to disappear a few times, but it's a little unknown detail that Brute here has a tracker on him, so his short lived absents have always been just that, notification his life is about to be short lived if his absence continues.
  12. I'm heavy on the crease cuts and if you over chase me, hitting Hull type center for a one-timer blast, ESPECIALLY if you take the goalie, cause then you can't defend the pass while on goalie. I rarely see anyone playing this game like "real hockey", so I don't consider them cheese cuts. I definitely see so MANY forms of "cheese" that I no longer consider any goal cheesy. There are 3 ways that make crease cuts easier to get going than others, so telling you how to do them easier should help try to prevent them, if you see the logic there. #1 SPEED. Fast players move around and can
  13. MVP Regular Season: Sergei Fedorov 42 games played, gives him the edge, with a 87 goal season. Runner up: Pierre Turgeon Despite a shortened season, this man put up 57 goals, and over 3.5 points/game. Best Goalie: Andy Moog 26 games, but still registers 6 shutouts and an amazing 2.57 GAA! Playoff MVP: Brett MO'FO Hull 52 goals in 18 games, and 3.5 points/game, and lead the Blackhawks to a 12-2 playoff record.
  14. I'd like to take the time to thank ALL of you who signed up & played, even those that were not able to find enough time to complete your games, as I know Thanksgiving made some opponents harder to find, and I believe one of the guys had his hardware crap out on him. Draft, Season & Playoffs went fairly on schedule, and a 4 round playoff, Best of 7 to finish in less than 2 weeks is rare. A special MUCHO GRACIAS goes out to the following buds: @skip @corbettkb @aqualizard @Mike Gartner You four finished ALL 42 games. Most Improved user goes to Flatcrusher. Drafting to
  15. Hoping to be done very soon, as holidays & traveling plans are around to corner. Aqua vs Atomic is scheduled today or tomorrow. Mom hoping to find Zep Saturday night. waiting on word from skip/flatcrusher.
  16. RD 1 NYI @ Winn Tor @ Chi Minn @ TB Best of 7, 2-2-1-1-1 format. Good luck to those in Rd 1. Round 2 features the winners of these rounds vs Quebec, Hartford & Dallas. LA @ Ham is also Round 2, and can be played now if you two buds want to go at it!
  18. Ok, its PLAYOFF time. 11 teams have played enough games to qualify. So, that's an odd number, but I've got something interesting to make it work for all who qualified. Here are the teams in terms of seeding, but we will NOT re-seed. I'll draw up a tourney sheet and this way, if both sides finish their previous brackets, no need to wait for all games in that round to finish. #1 Dallas - Tex #2 Hartford - Zep #3 Quebec - Skip #4 Hamilton - Atomic #5 LA - Aqua #6 Winnipeg - Flatcrusher #7 Chicago - Brutus #8 TB - J&J #9 Minnesota - MikeGartner #10 Toronto -
  19. That's an update on the BOY in his mother's womb that started the name, Brutus Khan! LOL, 21 years later.