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  1. Awesome, might try and help get us up to 3rd and get an easier match-up.
  2. Best of luck Snyder, sorry for leaving you with an 0-8 deficit to deal with, but I just don't have the time to catch-up right now! To all GENS B-2 though, I'll certainly accept last place for my contribution!
  3. No worries on my part. Know I'm leaving it late again, but I'm on tonight and all weekend, should be able to knock 10 games on the head!
  4. Good good, will hopefully get the 4 Philly games out of the way this weekend. Then it's just a case of finding another 6!
  5. Nice work Plabax, really looking forward to getting started :-)
  6. Who turned the funk up to 11?
  7. Looking forward to it! 2 vs 2 is the fun way to play!
  8. I would volunteer, but I'm from Liverpool and have a strong scouse accent, which will be very hard for most people on here to understand!
  9. Welcome back kings, you'll be slaughtering me soon enough!
  10. My team don't have to worry about playoffs this season!
  11. Added, welcome to the best league in Classic ;-)
  12. Added. Looking forward to seeing you in our divisional games.
  13. I was skeptical at first, but there are far more games being played now. Almost 2/3 of B-2 have met the 1st deadline which is great. There's always the 2nd deadline for the rest to catch-up if needs be!
  14. This calls for a Seth vs Plabax Hell in the Cell Rumble in the Jungle Doomsday Series. Classic best of 7? ;-D
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