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  1. Good question. People here probably wont believe me, but I had a 30 goal game with Bourque with 5 minute periods (GENS, against computer controlled Ottawa). That will always go down as my greatest '94 achievement. Luckily, I had a good buddy there to witness it. Nobody else scored in the game besides Bourque and his slapshot was (and is) absolutely automatic. Other than Bourque: Housley and Coffey for dekes are unstoppable. Sick agility/speed. Iafrate. when his slapshot is on, it's a laser top corner every time. When it's not, he's useless. Zalapski is all around good too. Sleeper pick
  2. Would there be enough interest on the NHL 94 forum to do a fantasy hockey league, say with 12-14 teams? I think it would be fun. I am not a high volume poster, but as you can see from my registry date, I've been reading for a while and am familiar with the regular posters here. I've commished plenty of leagues and would be more than happy to set one up in Yahoo for this forum. Who knows, if it catches on, we could make it a yearly dynasty league. Who's in?
  3. All the time. My two favorites are Daniel Berthiaume (Ottawa) and John Blue (Boston). I've had some great performances from both, and they are better than the preset starters for their teams (in my opinion).
  4. Post your best and worst teams (and why). Here's mine: BEST 1. Detroit. An offensive juggernaut with Yzerman, Ciccarelli, Federov and Coffey all being all star caliber players. All three forwards have an awesome combination of speed and shot power/accuracy. And Coffey is arguably the best offensive defenseman in the game (honorable mentions to Housley and Bourque). Tim Cheveldae isnt a top tier goalie, but he's good enough to keep Detroit on top as the best of the best. 2. Chicago. Roenick & Belfour says it all. Best forward in the game combined with the best goalie in the game. Roenic
  5. Eklund is a good call. He's super speedy and agile. When I play with Philly, I usually go with Recchi/Eklund/Dineen. Sometimes I'll stick with Brindamour instead of Dineen, but I like Dineen's speed, especially combined with Eklund. Lindros just sucks in nhl '94, I always sub him off. Talk about overrated players!
  6. Thanks for the link. I've got 94 up and running on my mac now, and even downloaded the 2007 roster patch as well. Both work great! I'm going to hold off on the online play until I can find myself a decent controller though. I'm just not playing like my usual self with the keyboard. Thanks again
  7. I've been addicted to this game (GENESIS version) since it first came out, and I'd love to play in one of the online leagues from this website. Trouble is, I'm running with a Mac. Is there any way I can still play online?
  8. http://www.boston.com/sports/lighter_side/...orts_videogame/
  9. True, Gartner is a stud at center. Rangers are a good second tier team...they would be great if it weren't for their fatal flaw - goaltending. Also, Messier should be alot better given his 85 rating. He's so weak on the puck and he couldnt hit the ocean shooting the puck. Too bad, moose was always one of my favorites in real life.
  10. Daniel Berthaiume - Goalie, Ottawa has stolen plenty a game for me. His greatest moment was when I beat my buddy matt (who is very experienced and good) with DETROIT. Good ol Daniel made 32 saves and only let one by him. Doug Smail is also a very underrated ottawa player, very hard to knock off the puck and a great checker. Craig Simpson - forward, Edmonton Amazing shot...plays well off the team's superstar, Klima. Put him at center and it's one-timer city. Vladamir Tatarinov- defense, Quebec Cannon shot. Bernie Nicholls - forward, New Jersey Impossible to knock off the puck, had some
  11. Woh woh woh.....guys...I cant believe nobody has mentioned my man Petr Klima!! His speed and agility are off the hook, and his slapshot is powerful AND accurate. Also, when you're using Edmonton make sure you sub off either Weight or Corson for Simpson because his shot is sweet too. Killer forum!