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  1. Thank you Naples that's awesome. Your roms are really good. I wanted to edit ether 93 or 94 and make An AHL one and a Movie teams one but I am horrible with trying to learn how to edit The game. I had someone walk me thru it and it was still really bad. I give you guys that make these roms all the credit in the world.
  2. How's everyone been. Sorry I have not been on in awhile. I was wondering is the NHL 2016 season rom for the upcoming 2016-2017 season or is someone making a new 2017 rom. I was just curious thanks.
  3. Do ether of you guys know about tilemolester I can't get it to work even with the directions they tell you to do.
  4. Stands for Hartford whalers and the number 3 was the number of my favorite whaler Zarley zalapski.
  5. Ok cool My aim is hwhalers3 I'm from ct but I grew up on the whalers and the Bruins. My parents the Bruins fans and my step mom and grandparents the whalers fans.
  6. I have done everything the directions said to do and I still cant get it to open can someone please help. thank you
  7. KIng I set up AIM my sn is hwhalers3
  8. Thanks king I'll make an aim account in the morning when I wake up and I'll let you know what my sn is.
  9. I just did the entire set up to play online. does anyone want to play an online game so i can learn how to start an online game and play my first online game. thanks.
  10. Thanks coach Yea I wouldn't mind just doing the banners and names and rosters in nhlpa 93 to practice. Do you know If there's any tutorial videos out there. I learn best by watching. I have really bad A D D so reading all that info is what makes it a little hard for me to learn. It's easier for me to visually learn with stuff that's a little complicated And thank all you guys for all your help. I really appreciate it.
  11. Thanks. now do you think it would be easier to learn using nhlpa 93 for my first hack or is it pretty much the same.
  12. Thanks tru. What I want to do is edit the game Where I take out the NHL teams and put in all the teams from the 3 mighty ducks movies and the teams from the 2 slap shot movies and basically make a mighty ducks vs slap shot rom. Put all teams from the ducks movies in one conference and all the teams from the slap shot movies in the other conference.
  13. does anyone know if anyone basically took the orginal NHLPA 93 rom and just added ice logos to each team. I love the orginal game with the orginal rosters but I always wanted a version of that game that had the ice logos for each team. thanks.
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