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  1. I am online now. YOu use any IM programs? If so, what is your contact info?
  2. Hello, anyone looking to play genesis NHL 94 shoot me an e-mail at wallywojo@yahoo.com or IM at yahoo or AIM wojo1975 and let's play. I can play no rules/line changes or full rules and line changes. Let's drop the biscuit. Wally
  3. I am in Chicago, so central time in the evenings I can usually get a few games in. My yahoo is wallywojo and aim is wojo1975 so look me up if you want to play genesis.
  4. swos site; not able to download roms. Anyone else have similar problem?
  5. I also am looking to play in a league or in individual games online with genesus and kailera. If interested send an e-mail to wallywojo@yahoo.com. Looking to play full rules and line changes.
  6. I have just found this site and would like to say that it was nice to find others who appreciated the NHL 94 game and realized it stood above all others. I always have played with manual line changes and penalties and all rules in place; so this league woud be different but I would be interested in joining if there are still openings. Thanks, Wally Wojo
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