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  1. I just want to express my gratitude for this community. I've been using netplay for about a week now, and honestly I've never had more fun. You all f**king rock. Thank god you all still give a s**t about a sega game from 20 years ago. I actually thought I was alone, and also insane. Now I realize that I'm still insane, just not alone, because you all are insane, too, and god bless your little nhl94-playing souls for being that way.

    sallystormcloud on aim. Hit me the f**k up.

    Lets skate.

  2. So I'm trying to run windows through boot camp, but I do not have a windows 7 installer disk (or ANY installer disk for that matter.)

    I know this is a nhl 94 forum and not a tech support forum, but I was wondering if ANYONE out there was able to use a copy of windows that was downlaoded from piratebay or something of the sort. Is there any way to bypass needing the cd??

    All in all I really just need some help walking through this process.

  3. Hey fellow NHL 94 enthusiasts,
    I can't believe I found this place. I've been playing 94 for close to two decades now, and I thought I might be the only one....

    I am trembling with excitement at the prospect of netplay, however, I'm a mac user and that seems to come with its set of obstacles. I realize that in order to participate in any leagues I will have to either find a PC or use the windows-boot method, but right now I really just want to play online with someone and give it a test.

    Here are my specs, maybe someone with experience can help me.

    Macbook pro running OS X 10.8.5

    Using Hamachi LogMeIn

    I have multiple Sega emulators


    Wondering if there is a mac snes emulator that supports netplay?

    Has anyone had success using GENS with a mac? I would prefer to play the genesis version, but I would gladly use snes if thats all I can get using a mac in the netplay dept.

    Any help or even just a hello would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!