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  1. Excellent rom. Congrats.

    If I could point out one thing though, injured players sometimes come on as the extra attacker or penalty shooter. For example, i was playing against tb (cpu), and kucherov (though not available in the regular game) came on to take a penalty shot for them. Same goes for extra attacker (eg, voracek (i think it was) came on as an extra attacker for philly even though he was not on any line)

  2. 7 hours ago, Brodeur30 said:

    This should be doable, though with the smallest and medium goal sizes you need to edit a single-byte address in two locations in addition to editing goal tiles, since area inside of the top goal is not editable through the normal top goal tiles. To apply the smaller goals to any rom you would need to copy and paste all the goal tile artwork, then hex edit 2 single byte-addresses to get narrower top goal side posts, then apply the correct barriers code. I will release the smallest goal first in a custom made rom packed with other mods for your convenience, and you can then freely go copy and paste my smaller goal art so you can use this artwork in other roms. And I'll help you if you have any issues finding the codes needed to get the narrower top goal side posts.

    Thanks for this. Yes correct, i already have the hex codes in and now just looking for instructions on how to modify (or copy and paste) the goal tile artwork.

    Top notch stuff. Keep up the good work.

  3. 20 hours ago, naples39 said:

    I honestly can't tell if some of these replies are sarcastic, or if people think I am serious that I have a team working on a new, completely re-modeled version with features that EA can't even get right with a budget in the $10s of millions?


    I figured as much given it was April Fools Day, but good execution nonetheless