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  1. Top quality work here.... as always. Bravo Adam !
  2. This is super helpful (was looking for that pointer)... Easy peasy now creating main menu backgrounds (good stuff)... The one thing that I can't find is the damn pointer for the main menu font... the location for creating a custom font seems easy enough but for some reason doesn't apply to main menu... the main menu font must have a different pointer then in-game font... does anyone know at what offset that pointer is located.. any help much appreciated.. and great job
  3. Honestly, if someone can figure that one out and make it open source, you’re looking at the next frontier of modding for not just NHL94 but retro sports gaming overall. No reason it can be applied to all the classics of the past (TecmoSB, RBI, PES, etc). It would need a robust algorithm to do the simulator part of the management sim.. Something like you see at https://www.whatifsports.com/nhl/ (pretty realistic yet random sim results) The possibilities are endless. Setting up custom seasons/tournaments structures…. Even a scenario mode where you make a game 4-1 going into the 2nd/3rd period for more of a challenge. Pretty much anything. MatchUP! was a just a proof of concept, but it went pretty far in a short time, and just one guy (pretty impressive) https://pespatchs.com/2021/09/pes-2021-matchup-new-game-mode-option-file-editor.html
  4. They've done this with Pro Evolution Soccer... some guy created a companion app (incomplete at the moment) which runs on the side (he called it 'MatchUp')... it's a GUI interface (which sits in the background when playing the actual game) that creates a save file for PES and once the game is played inside PES it pulls the result in... Such an interface would need to offer a way of simulating results accurately and realistically however. But the possibilities of creating seasons/tournaments etc are endless. Like a full management sim but with the gameplay of the classic we all know and love
  5. Had a few more games.. Your rating system is truly fantastic, very finely tuned and balanced... for example, shots are nice & hard but to compensate not overly accurate.. the whole thing leads to a very fun and exciting gameplay experience
  6. Top quality work as always in v3.0... Bravo!
  7. Drezz, do you have a range of replaceable hex addresses regarding the font... I can probably create an ips patch (LunarIPS tool) that could be used to quickly implement it into any rom... I find it easier to read and i find the numbers stand out much better on the ice when playing EDIT: or vice-versa, someone could use the original font if they find that easier on the eyes.. anyways, up to you.. thanks
  8. That warp to the centre-ice logos adds a subtle yet whole new dimension/feel to the game... absolutely fantastic This and the new font is something that every rom should try to implement (if they can) moving forward... they are that good !
  9. And love the rotated centre ice logos... way better looking !
  10. Wow.. loving the graphics, from the backgrounds to the fonts.... incredible, a game changer This should be the standard font for every rom imo... it fits perfectly with NHL94
  11. Incredible work!.... Absolutely incredible!
  12. Exactly as how I see things. People get too emotional and emotions always lead to wrong result. Have to step back unemotionally and always look at the big picture. Going after them does nothing. I would look at it as advertising to an untapped portion of the population that currently has no idea about nhl94.com. However, you can steer them in this direction, which has a domino affect of more and more people hearing about your work.
  13. Works!.. Now i can see all the players and all the teams in Nose. Well done good sir.
  14. Question: why can't i see washington or winnipeg in nose editor with the latest version.. doesn't seem to be a problem with roms that use the 6 point scale.. could that be the issue. thanks again
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