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A tough series, despite the sweep. Sdogg gave it his all, so I give him credit for it.

Game 1: 2-1 DET (OT)

This game was a defensive stuggle. Chicago scored first on a rare blooper made by Coffey as he tucked in the puck by mistake. The Red Wings tied it for overtime and Ciccareli delivered a bullet into Belfour's net for the winner.

Game 2: 7-1 DET

It was a goal fairgrounds for Hockeytown as the people of Detroit were witness to one of the most dominating games in the Red Wings history. Ciccareli proved to be the sparkplug with 4 assists and a goal while it was a day in the office for Yzerman and Federov. In Joe Loius Arena, Lidstrom, Konstantinov and Coffey stopped the Blackhawks offense cold with a defense grid that got broken only twice by Jeremy Roenick.

Game 3: 4-1 DET

The Blackhawks played a tough game as Roenick stuck first for Chicago. Despite the intense physical play of the home team, Cheveldae and the Red Wings hung tough, winning most of the faceoffs and killing the Hawks with a couple of one-timers late in the 3rd period.

Game 4: 4-2 DET

Playing for pride, the Hawks went in for the jugular. It was a see-saw game that featured two marvelous plays by Yzerman and Federov in 1-on-1 vs Belfour and and Smith and Roenick responded. 2 great shots by Coffey and Federov sealed the deal and thus the sweep.

Dino Ciccareli proved to be the firestarter that the Red Wings needed in this anticipated physical, hard-nosed series. GGS, Sdogg!

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Well, I'm just waiting for Statto to post the score.

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