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Confirming New Coaches


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Any NEW user who signs up on NHL94Online for a league will need to be confirmed before being able to take their place on the league's Waiiting List. In order for them to be confirmed, they need to play a test game against a veteran coach in order to test their connection. Once the veteran coach has played their game and approved their connection (i.e. no lag, setup for Hamachi is OK, able to host a game), they can confirm the new coach on the following page:

Confirm Coach Page

This page can also be accessed under the "User Tools" menu on the NHL94Online website. On the page, the veteran player will fill out his User Name and Password for the site, and pick the coach he is confirming from the drop-down menu. Once finished, press the "Confirm Coach" button.

Once this is done, the new coach will be confirmed and allowed his spot on the Waiting List. The coach's spot on the Waiting List depends on when he signs up, not when he is confirmed. The coach must be confirmed in order to be considered to play in the league.

A veteran coach is ANY coach who has played in a league before and is signed up on the NHL94Online website.

A new coach is a coach who is new to the site and has signed up for a league. You only need to be confirmed ONCE.

New coaches can request test games in these topics:

Genesis - GENS Test Game Requests

Super Nintendo - SNES Test Game Requests

Any questions, please post here.

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