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I made a big roster update here based on triumphs old Basically I included every trade since then. Includes all trades up until the recent trade with Kovalchuk.

it maybe contains some jersey errors and so. I tried to set up the lines as realistic as possible, but i haven't fixed pp-lines and such. I know some player here and there might be missing like PHI bartulis. But anyway, i just post in case someone enjoys it. Should be pretty complete.

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as a devils fan, once the kovalchuk deal happened i knew i had to update everything, so after the trade deadline i should have new rosters up.

I got some slightly newer ones..

Does anyone know if the source code for the editors is released? I mapped a lot of it already, but it would be much simpler to just copy some old code. I nearly got a program that can sync rosters automatically with online sources. Line-ups too, basically. Anyway, right now I'm too lazy to actually finish it.

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A new update. Some of the most recent trades are not included.. I put a text file too that is rather accurate about the differences from real life to the NHL95 database when it comes to what players are included and which isn't.


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