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This game is in the ga. Period.

You people super crack here that hack and edit everything from the jersey color to ron barr dick, please find a way to be able to play this game online.

If you succeed, you can have anything that i own, from my rat pet to my tickets for the Jonas Brothers show.


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There was an online game in Sweden a bunch of years ago.. "Ice Hockey Challenge" I think it was called.. It was actually a paid service (like $2-3 a month), it had a ranking system and stats.. Basically only had two buttons though (pass/switch player and shoot/check) I think, maybe there was a third one. Played well for being a browser game online! But it wasn't too polished I guess. Simple 3D graphics and NHL 9x:ish gameplay (though not as smooth).

One day the site shut down.. :( Haven't stumbled across anything similar since..

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