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Congrats to Maniple Leaves...SNES B Champion!


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He won the series in 4 straight over crash and the wings. good job bud!

As for the other series....

GENS A - Carse leads 2-0 I think. Here's hoping they finish soon!

GENS B - no idea if pearate and comebackking have even scheduled a time to play.

GENS C - I've seen Eggink444 around and know he's asked for onetimer. no idea what onetimer is up to. haven't seen him online for some time.

SNES A - grayto told me he was gonna be away for a bit(or didnt have access to high speed in the area he was staying...i cant remember) and was gonna work out a time to play bgorecki near the end of july or beginning of june.

Get er done buds!

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He won the series in 4 straight over crash and the wings. good job bud!


Get er done buds!

Thanks Halifax! I will take the opportunity to thank you chaos and the rest of the NHL94 community for making this a great league. For years, I lamented the lack of a season in the original game. Your efforts here produce an experience that far surpasses the satisfaction any virtual league format would give. Not only that, but through this season I've had the chance to grow and improve as a coach.

I want to thank my team as well. A great group of guys. Mario really showed that he is one of the greatest all time players and his teammates provided a great foundation as well as picking up any slack when needed. Pleasure to be in the room and on the bench with these guys. Kept their sticks on the ice and their heads up. Overcame in the face of adveristy from some tough squads these playoffs. We grew closer as a team through it.

One last word of silly celebration before I wrap up. I've been awarded the Copper Cup, a copper-plated replica of the SNES-A Stanley Cup for the B playoffs.


Looking forward to to next season and a chance at trading in the cheap copy for the real cup!

Thanks and best of luck to the other finalists,

Maniple Leaves

PS. My challenge still stands to the winner of the SNES-A finals.

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And so the buddies take the Cup hand in hand. Congrats!

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