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An apology to the SNES B1 crew

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Hey guys,

I just wanted to apologize for being offline most of the past week; I joined as a replacement coach fully intending to get in a good 10+ games, but I unfortunately ended up losing the majority of my time slots since I joined.

I am highly unlikely to be online today, as I have a prior engagement after work. If I can, I will be online for a handful of games late this evening (10-11pm EST), but the odds are I won't be able to help anyone get their games in.

If there is anyone who is on the playoff bubble due to outstanding games with B1 Calgary, please email me (the1jasontaylor@hotmail.com) and I will what I can to accomodate this evening (if the kids are cooperative... and that's a big if... I might be able to get games in 7-8pm EST as well).

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