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Expanded rosters are beyond my skills, just do not know what to do, here I am not going to be much of help.

Ice logos, menu logos and other stuff are on my NHL 94 want-to-do list, this list is pretty long (there are around 15 things I want to experiment with). I got an idea what to do and after short test I made week or two weeks ago I can say something can be done but can't promise anything now. To be 100% sure I need at least a full weekend for working on it and I have been unfortunately very busy last weeks.

I am extremely curious about the result but just cant to test it now, my real life duties are priorities now <_<

what are you testing? you have me curious.

Nothinig right now, but very soon with menu and ice logos and few other things :)

I am not that busy in RL now, I will start next weekend probably and my results will be posted during March I suppose.

Been almost 4 months...sorry, I was not only busy, I was lazy too :-D This morning I finally decided to investigate in this area, new thread is going to appear soon with short tutorial how to edit *cough* ice logos (yes, it's possible).

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sweet. color me excited.

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