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hey guys i remember wandering onto this site years ago and i was so excited to still see how dedicated you guys were to still play the game and update roms and whatever. anyways i dont know how active i can be playing matchups with anyone but i hope i can still be active making posts. I've messed around with playing a couple games of tecmo super bowl online with a friend but it was extrememly laggy, so would anyone mind helping me on exactly how to set up a game?

Gens guy but im gonna practice a couples snes games later tonight

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Check this thread out

Also get an aim account and that's how most get exhibition games through the gens bud group chat. I am sure someone can get you added once you have you aim name. Aim is aol instant messenger if that was unclear.

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i sounded like a person who just sat on a computer for the first time...sorry, im bad with introductions :\

anyways funny story. everytime i tried signing up for aim it needed my phone number, so i try that and it says my phone cant receive texts. uh okay i know i have a crappy tracfone but it still works. so i tried signing up using my facebook and i kept getting an error message. i'm more of a skype guy, does that work out? i'll try again tomorrow...

thanks for the welcome, i hope i can get involved some more

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The reason it was lagging might have been because both you and your friend most likely were using wireless connection and to reduce lag, you might want to get a wire thing for internet lol its like some really long blue cord but ya get it it helps :P

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